How To Get Rid Of Spasms In Baseball

How To Get Rid Of Spasms In Baseball

Despite its name ridiculous, the case of spasms in baseball is anything but funny. This phenomenon occurs when a player suddenly starts to fight with making routine shots. Former Major League players Chuck Knoblauch and Steve Sax are two notable players who struggled with this during their careers. Both were second bases that suddenly could not make a simple shot at first. The most frustrating part is that the situation can be mental or physical.

Throw everything you can to established targets, and vary the angle of arm throwing during field exercises. According to MayoClinic. com, it is possible to recover confidence when you change the way you carry out the task.

Ask your coach if you can miss one or two games, if possible, to relax the muscles in your arm and shoulder. MayoClinic com notes that some people with spasms have focal dystonia, a phenomenon that may come from overloading the muscles. It can cause your muscles to contract involuntarily and lead to errant shots.

Talk to a sports psychologist if the problem continues and nothing else has worked. The psychologist will examine the issue and take you through various exercises.

Video Tutorial: How To Get Rid Of Muscle Spasms (simple electrolyte trick).

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