How To Hit Faster To Hit Harder

How To Hit Faster To Hit Harder

In the sport of baseball, speed with the bat or how fast you hit, dictates how the ball will travel after you hit it. Hitting faster helps you hit the ball harder and farther. Baseball players use a variety of techniques to increase strength throughout the body, so they can improve the speed of their batting.

Lift weights to strengthen the upper body and muscles that are important for batting. These muscles include the chest, triceps, shoulders and upper back, which help your batting to be more powerful and faster. You should focus on compound exercises such as bench push and rows that involve many muscles in the upper body.

Train and strengthen the often forgotten parts of the body in the center and legs. According to the baseball expert in strength and conditioning Bob Alejo, the strength of the legs allows the trunk and abs to promote batting speed. The trunk and the center refer to the lower back and the abdominal area of ​​the body. The exercises that focus on these areas are the abdominals, deadlifts, squatting and striding.

Bat with a heavier bat during practice and / or warm-ups to train the muscles and make them stronger. With a heavier bat, the muscles are forced to work harder and adapt and become stronger. When you then return to the normal weight of your bat, you are able to move it faster. Choose a bat that is only a few ounces heavier than your regular bat.

Perform specific exercises to strengthen the forearms and hands. Gripping strength is the most important part of forearm strength in baseball. Exercises to strengthen the forearms and hands are the movements and bends of the wrist and squeeze objects such as grippers or even rubber balls.

Perform wrist movements using a wrist roller, which is a device with a handle on one end and weight on the other end. Grab the handle, keep it parallel to the floor with the arms extended and roll the device until the weight is on the handle, before unwinding and returning to the initial position.

Perform wrist curls by holding a dumbbell or dumbbell in your hands, palms up for standard push-ups and down for reverse push-ups. Flex the weight only with your wrist as if you were trying to touch the weight of your forearm, before returning to the starting position.

If you are not getting the batting speed you think you need, experiment with a lighter bat. The heavier bats hit the ball farther assuming you can maintain the same batting speed.However, if your batting is slow, switching to a lighter bat can accelerate batting and in turn give you more distance.

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