How To Increase Platelets Naturally

How To Increase Platelets Naturally

Platelets are small welds of adhesion in the bloodstream. The first to reach cuts, scrapes or bruises, these emergency red blood cells adhere and form clots that prevent the cut with a razor blade from becoming a hemorrhage. Platelets are formed in the bone marrow; Any disease, food or drug that impacts the bone marrow can impact the production of platelets. If the platelet count is less than 150,000 per microliter of blood, medical intervention is required to prevent serious bleeding and to detect underlying problems.

Make the milk challenge. It has been shown that milk reduces the platelet count in those with unknown allergies to dairy products, as explained in an article in the "European Journal of Hematology" published in 2010. Suspends the consumption of dairy products, including yogurt, the cheese (cheese) and the butter (butter) and then go back to the platelet count.

Eat whole, organic, and fresh foods. Fruits and vegetables are packed with micronutrients that help the body produce new cells, including blood ones, such as platelets. Avoid canned and processed foods that can have the opposite effect and do not offer many nutrients.

Limits the intake of alcohol and tonic water. Alcohol reduces the platelet count by decreasing its production in the bone marrow. The tonic water contains quinine, a substance that also reduces the amount of platelets.

Be extra careful with supplements. Many homeopathic and herbal remedies are known to decrease or interfere with the production of platelets. Just because the label of a product says "totally natural" does not mean that it is not harmful to health. If you want to take any of these products, talk to the doctor first.

Drink an abundant amount of cool water at room temperature. Cold water decelerates the digestive tract, which impacts the absorption of nutrients. The globules are composed of water and proteins; so drink more, to produce more.


The tendency to bruises, nosebleeds, and cobweb-like eruptions may indicate a low platelet count.

Video Tutorial: How to increase platelet count immediately and fast – Natural Remedies.

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