How To Make A Body Wrap Of Dead Sea Mud In Your Home

How To Make A Body Wrap Of Dead Sea Mud In Your Home

If you can not make a quick trip to the Dead Sea in Israel to soak in the more than 21 beneficial minerals that this water has to offer, take the advantages of this naturally healing spa to your home with a mud body wrap Dead Sea. You can purchase Dead Sea mud products from herbal retailers, from clay or online cosmetics, either packaged ready to use, or dried to mix with water and applied directly to face and body. According to the dermatologist of Chicago, Imar Levy, the Dead Sea mud masks can cleanse deeply and close the pores of your skin and leave it hydrated and revitalized through the process of reverse osmosis.

Dead Sea Mud Chin Wrap

Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of Dead Sea mud with enough water to make a thick paste.

Use a brush to apply the paste under your chin.

Cut 4 to 5 feet of plastic film from the container and wrap it around your chin, to one side of your face, over your head and to the other side of your face until both sides of your head and area of ​​the chins are secured and loose at the same time in at least four layers of plastic film.

Leave the chin wrap for 30 minutes.

Remove the chin wrap and rinse the Dead Sea mud with your regular soap and warm water.

Video Tutorial: This Happens To Your Skin When It.

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