How To Make Squat Rooms

How To Make Squat Rooms

Weightlifters commonly refer to Squats (squats) as the best of all exercises for its ability to build strength and increase the size in the lower body. If you have avoided squats because you feel uncomfortable with the deep bending of the knees needed to do them, you may want to consider a variation, such as the quarter squat. With this exercise, you maintain a greater degree of stability, since you only lower your buttocks from six to 12 inches. You still strengthen the buttocks, the quadriceps and the spine, but you put less stress on the knees.

Use the stationary bike, run or perform another type of light aerobic exercise for five to 10 minutes to warm up the body before the execution of the squat rooms. Prepare the legs performing eight to 10 squats with body weight.

Adjust the bar in the frame so that it is shoulder height and load the appropriate amount of weight for your fitness. The resistance must allow you to reach, without exceeding, your objective of repetitions with the appropriate form.

Stand below the bar and place it on the upper back. Separate the feet to a width that equals the distance of the shoulders. Hold the bar with a grip above the back that is wider than the distance between both shoulders. Bend your knees slightly and then stand up to lift the bar from the frame. Go back a little to get away from this.

Reposition the feet at shoulder height. Contract your abdominal muscles towards the spine and push the scapulae towards the back.

Keep your back straight and upright as you bend your knees and lower your buttocks toward the floor. Lower only six to 12 inches for the squat room. Keep the abdominal muscles contracted throughout the descent.

Maintain contraction of the buttocks and quadriceps for a repetition and then push through the heels to rise to the starting position. Keep a slight bend of the knees in the upper part of the exercise so that they do not get blocked. Complete three sets of eight to 12 squat rooms.


Extend the glutes, quadriceps and abdominal muscles for 10 to 15 minutes immediately after your workout.


Avoid placing the bar on the back of your neck; place it on the top of your back.

Keep your torso upright instead of leaning forward like you do in a traditional squat.

Consult a doctor before starting an exercise program for the first time, if you have not worked for a while or have chronic health problems.

Video Tutorial: How to squat like Slav.

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