How To Reduce Carbohydrates From Bread Crumbs

How To Reduce Carbohydrates From Bread Crumbs

To reduce the carbohydrates in breadcrumbs, you can mix them with low-carb ingredients. Using a low carbohydrate food instead of all or part of the regular bread crumb can improve the flavor and affect the texture, so it is better to choose an ingredient that suits the food you are about to bake and how you are going to cook it..

Almond flour

Almond flour acquires a tasty toasted flavor when baked or fried, making it an attractive option to cover chicken, fish and pork. The texture and color are complemented with regular bread crumbs and adding their protein, fat and fiber to bread crumbs reduces the carbohydrate content. The oil in the almond flour makes it more prone to burn, so avoid high cooking temperatures. Slices meats or vegetables finer than you would with regular bread crumbs to make food cook faster and reduce the risk of overcooking almond flour. Almond flour by itself can be weighed as a food cover. For a lighter layer, combine a part almond flour with a part of coconut flour.

Dried cheese

Parmesan, roman, finely grated asiago cheese or a mixture of these hard cheeses combine very well with breadcrumbs to reduce carbohydrates. They also add their distinctive flavors to the dish. Add 30 to 50% cheese to the bread crumbs, depending on the desired carbohydrate reduction. The resulting mixture creates a cheese crust when baked. This mix complements Italian recipes and savory dishes such as empanadas meat and vegetables. You can also substitute these cheeses for bread crumbs, although the resulting texture will be softer.

Bread with panko

Panko creates a crunchy and light layer for poultry, fish, meat, vegetables or seafood. The simple versions have any seasoning from mild to spicy. The panko, Japanese style bread crumbs, offers a ready-to-use substitute for regular bread crumbs. It is crunchy and has a crispy texture, creating a crunchier layer than regular bread crumbs, it is lower in carbohydrates. You can buy white, wholegrain and seasoned panko at the grocery store. Power the flavor with shredded coconut grated ground into your food processor and adding a coconut portion to two panko pieces. Alternatively, use a parmesan part in a panko part.

Low Carb Bread

Making low-carbohydrate bread crumbs offers a satisfying substitute to regular bread crumbs. Special breads made with flax or nuts and sunflower seeds add a nutty flavor and a robust crumb texture or you can use a low carb version of your favorite bread.Toast the bread or let the slices settle in the package overnight. Crumble the dry bread into a food processor or blender to create low-carb bread crumbs. These crumbs tend to brown faster, so reduce the cooking temperatures and keep an eye on the food during the same until you get used to them.

Mixed Bread Crumbs

Various ingredients may reduce the volume of bread crumbs in your breading, such as dried herbs, red pepper flakes, poppy seeds, ground pork rinds, roasted pecans. or coconut (toasted), each of them is lower in carbohydrates than bread. Flax seeds increase the amount of fiber and add a nutty flavor to the breaded, although some people find that they have a mild fishy taste. Add the dry seasonings as they come and put the most bulky ingredients in the food processor or blender to grind them to the desired consistency.

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