How To Remove Dark Leg Marks

How To Remove Dark Leg Marks

Dark leg marks may be due to hyperpigmentation, a condition in which There is an excess of melanin in certain areas of the skin. Sun spots and age spots, also called liver spots, can be another cause of those dark marks. There are several ways to eliminate them. You can use, for this, home remedies or prescription products.

Apply a cream containing hydroquinone on the dark marks of the legs. You can buy this cream with a prescription provided by your doctor, but there are also some over the counter. Prescription drugs are more effective because they contain almost twice as much hydroquinone. Follow the instructions on the package.

Get a laser treatment on the dark marks. You can do it in the dermatologist's office. The laser is effective in pigmented lesions of the legs and often leaves few scars.

Rub lemon juice over dark marks. Use your fingers to apply it to them. Let the juice stay about 15 minutes at a time and then rinse it with warm water. Do this treatment every night, for one or two weeks or until you see an improvement.


Apply sunscreen on your legs while you are performing the treatments mentioned in this article.


All these methods to remove dark marks can be irritating to sensitive skin.

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