How To Run Faster In A Week

How To Run Faster In A Week

When it comes to running fast your speed It is determined broadly by your technique. Other factors include the length of your leg, the width of the pelvis, lean muscle mass and lung capacity. There are some biological factors that you can improve in a week and some others that are genetic although you can work on your technique such as your posture and kicking. Regardless of whether you run like an athlete or improve your performance in other sports, the change in technique can help you reach your full potential.

How to run faster in a week

Avoid shrinking your shoulders and keeping your head straight. The shrug will block your hip while you hold your head or twist you correctly. Keep your shoulders, neck and jaw relaxed while running.

Turn your arms away from your legs. Balance your leg movement by moving your arms in the opposite direction. Keep your elbows at an angle of 65 to 90 degrees during the race. Avoid moving your arms through your body or moving them forward. Certified track coach Raymond Tucker recommends that you move your arms back and forth at a 135-degree angle. Keep your hands relaxed and your fingers open, a closed fist interrupts the movement of your arms.

Keep a straight posture while you run and lean forward a little. An incline can give the appearance that you move faster although it reduces your range of motion in the hip and can cause muscle tears in your tendons.

Increase your stride frequency with shorter steps. With a stride frequency your feet stay in the air longer which helps you move faster. The more strides you give, the more pressure you will press forward, which increases your speed.

Press and put balls on your feet. Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt steps and presses the balls with his feet. When running, you will want to make contact quickly and quickly on the floor to push forward. The heel hits make your feet turn from the heel to the balls of your feet and then to your fingers. This is an ideal way to walk while keeping your feet on the ground for a long time while running. Another option is the pounding of the toes, which makes you move faster although it can cause calf injuries or discomfort.


To increase your speed in the long term, Human Kinetics recommends you run at least twice a week and time your race.

Do compound exercises such as parallel squats, straight leg lifts, and weightlifting three times a week on non-consecutive days.

Video Tutorial: Run faster in one week! DO THIS!!!.

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