How To Strengthen The Back Of The Knee

How To Strengthen The Back Of The Knee

Even though The knee is a hinge joint that moves mainly in one direction, supports much of the weight of your body and the forces exerted during locomotion. The joint is composed mainly of ligaments and bone compared to the joints of the hip and shoulder joints, which are mainly surrounded by muscles, which predisposes the bone configuration of the knee to injury. The small mass of muscles that cover the back of your knees includes the gastrocnemius, popliteus, and the tendinous ends of the hamstring muscles. The exercises for these muscles will strengthen the back of your knees.

Push-ups on one leg

Perform leg push-ups by anchoring the ankle on a cable pulley machine, securing an ankle strap around each ankle. Lower the pulley to its lowest level near the ground and then click on the pulley on the right ankle. You should be facing the pulley bar.

Stand about 1 foot behind the pulley and hold the bars of the machine to maintain balance. Bend the joints of the left leg slightly maintaining the balance on the left foot. Lift the right foot off the ground, keeping the knees of both legs adjacent to each other.

Bend the right knee and pull the right foot towards the rear as you simultaneously rotate the right heel to the outside, strengthening the end of the hamstrings knee and the twin muscles, along with your popliteal, which should still be able to keep the knees together. Repeat the procedure to complete a set of 12 to 15 repetitions and then change your leg to work your left knee.

Calf raises on one leg

Places a heavy weight plate on the floor next to a fixed object, such as an exercise machine.

Place the ball of your right foot on the edge of the weight plate, lifting the left foot on the ground. Support the bar of an exercise machine to maintain balance.

Contract the calf muscles to get up as high on your toes as possible, keeping the contraction for 5 seconds. Focus on squeezing your twins as hard as possible, feeling the contraction as close to the back of the knee as possible.

Lower your heel a little beyond the weight plate in a count of 2 seconds and then immediately contract the calf standing on your toes for another 5 seconds. Repeat the procedure to complete a set of 10 repetitions and then change the leg. Make three sets per leg.


Includes exposed and vertical leg flexion exercises in your routine to strengthen the back of the knee. Alternate working both calves at the same time with single leg lifts. Hold a dumbbell or dumbbell once exercise with your body weight becomes easy.


Strengthens the quadriceps tendon that runs through the front of the knee with leg extensions to prevent muscle and joint imbalances.

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