How To Test Hair Strength

How To Test Hair Strength

Human hair is made up of protein of the keratin, which is not only strong but flexible, which allows the hair to have its shape and movement. According to Procter and Gamble's Beauty and Personal Care department, the average hair strand should support up to 100 g before breaking. Human hair is strong enough to make ropes. One way to test the strength of hair at home is to load pennies into a strand of hair to measure how much it supports.

Grab a strand of hair from your head. Do not start it but grab it from the root and pull gently.

Stick the strand of hair to a pencil.

Place the pencil inside the pile of books so that it protrudes outward and the hair hangs down in the direction of the surface of the table.

Glue a penny to the end of the hair so that the coin hangs from the end.

Paste additional pennies to the tip of the hair, one by one. Keep track of the amount of coins you have added. And keep in mind the number of coins stuck when your hair breaks.

Calculate the strength of the hair. Each penny weighs about 2, 5 g. Measure the strength of the hair by multiplying the number of coins used by 2, 5 g. This is an approximate measure of how much weight your hair can support. Repeat the experiment several times to verify if the results are the same.


Try using hair from different sections of your head to see if the strength is the same.

Video Tutorial: Cindy Hair Strength Test.

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