How To Use The Exercise Bar With Springs

How To Use The Exercise Bar With Springs

exercise bars with springs, of the Power Twister brand and others, were sold through sports magazines and martial arts from the late 60s to at least the late 80s. These consist of two solid bars of wood, plastic or light metal connected by a spring. The bars have been sold on television and in department stores as a low-cost exercise equipment; Now, of course, they are widely available on the Internet. The bar is specifically designed to help you improve the strength and endurance of your upper body in routines of many repetitions. With constant training, you can achieve strong and well-developed muscles. Follow a regular exercise routine with this bar and you will be able to see and feel the results, without the costs of a gym membership.

Perform a 10-minute warm-up such as hiking, skipping rope slowly, calisthenics or any other light exercise that raises the temperature of your body core. Do not stretch: move slightly until you can feel that your muscles have warmed up and the temperature of your body is pleasantly warm.

Stand and take the spring bar horizontally at a distance the length of your arms in front of your chest. Take it in pronation, with your hands on the bars. Keeping the spring center of the bar in the same place in front of you, press and unite the handles. Repeat until your chest and broad dorsal muscles (the muscles that are on the sides and back of your torso) are tired.

Take the bar in pronation with your left hand at your stomach. With your right hand, pull the other end producing a rowing movement. Repeat until your right latissimus dorsi is well tired. Repeat on the other side.

Take the bar in supination with your left hand positioned on the right side of your chest. Let the bar point down through your right side. Squeeze the other end of the bar in pronation with your right hand and bend it upwards, working the muscles of your right shoulder. Repeat until your right shoulder is tired. Repeat on the other side.

Take the bar with your left hand in supination. Sit and take it facing the left side of your chest with the rest of the bar pointing down through your lap to the floor on your right side. With your right hand, take the bar in supination and lift it up, working your right biceps. Repeat until the muscle is well tired. Repeat on the other side.

Stand up and take the spring bar in your right hand. Your left hand does not touch the bar. Place the bar at an angle of about 45 degrees with the floor.Slowly and gently rotate your wrist. The end of the bar should describe a kind of circle over and over again. Continue until your right forearm is tired. Then rest a few seconds and reverse the direction of rotation until the forearm is tired again. Repeat the process on the other side, using your left forearm.


Always preheat before exercising.

Do not stretch when your body is cold.

Begin the exercises gently. After a few weeks, you can increase the intensity safely.

Never exercise when your muscles are sore.

Rest for at least two days between intense routines, or until your muscles are not sore at all.


Talk to your doctor before starting to exercise intensely.

Exercise gently, especially at the beginning.

Never do an exercise that hurts.

Never force a movement to the point that it is uncomfortable for your joints and muscles.

Video Tutorial: Spring rowing exerciser and some old school exercises / Resistance training.

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