How To Use Hairpins

How To Use Hairpins

Hairpins for hair Hair are an excellent way to create that collected that you like so much. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are clear, metallic in color or coated with plastic. Choose your pins depending on the thickness of the hair. Thicker hair stays better with longer hairpins and thinner hair looks good with smaller pins. When creating your hairstyle you can choose ornate hairpins to accentuate your outfit, or simple pins that match the color of your hair so they go unnoticed.

Apply gel to hair. Wet or dry hair is fine, but avoid starting with completely wet hair. Wet hair will make it more difficult to create and maintain your hairstyle as the forks glide easily.

Comb your hair with the desired style. If you're doing curls with the forks, section your hair with the tail of the comb and use a small hook or pin to hold the sections.

Insert the hairpins on the sides of your hairstyle, holding your hair with one hand and maneuvering with the other. Carefully open the pin with your fingers and push it up to fix the hair. With a gentle touch, push the top of the fork in an angle to the sides or down to add additional security. For a better grip, insert a second fork forming an "X" with the two pins.

Release your hair when the pins are in place and spray the hair with a light coat of lacquer to fix it even more.


Do not use hairpins for large sections of hair. Use another method to hold that type of hairstyle. Plastic-coated pins are less likely to damage hair than metal pins. Check that the rubber tips are not broken or slipped. If the rubber tip is not safe, discard the pin. Hairpins are an excellent way to secure horsetails and false bows.


Keep the forks away from small children as they pose a risk of suffocation.

Video Tutorial: How To Use Bobby Pins and Hair Pins Correctly.

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