How Women Lift Weights To Lose Weight

How Women Lift Weights To Lose Weight

women They can use a wide variety of programs and methods of weightlifting to lose weight, including heavy resistance training, conditioning work and weightlifting. You can use several techniques programmed within the same workout to increase the number of calories burned, allowing you to build muscles while burning fat. Consult with your doctor before starting any diet or physical training.

Intensity and Speed ​​

Train intensively with short rest periods, using at least 75 percent of your maximum of one repetition. If you are new to lifting weights, take a warm-up time and move slowly, go adding weight little by little without sacrificing a good technique. Keep your rest periods short, no more than 90 seconds. This allows you to gain more muscle and to drive more hormones, such as testosterone, from your endocrine system while avoiding an increase in the hormones that cause fat accumulation, such as cortisol. This will also increase the density of bone mineral.


Instead of doing the same type of exercises all the time, you can better perform the so-called "super lapses" in which you do a specific exercise for a muscle type and then, without resting, you do the exercise from another different muscle. A good example are the squats, which work the quadriceps, or the front of the thigh, followed by leg curls which work back of the thigh, or hamstrings. Take a break after having performed two groups of exercises. Go changing the weight of the group of exercises is another method to burn additional fat, in which you must perform an exercise until you can not do the most, then remove 20 percent of what you raised to continue trying again. You can repeat this once or twice more.

Lifting weights

Lifting weights, although difficult, helps burn a lot of fat to lose weight. Moving fast from one exercise to another, perform a series of at least three, perhaps as many as five exercises, in rapid succession, then perform all the series again. Each performance of the series is a single repetition. An example would be to start with raising a bar only to the length of the arm, then try to bring the bar closer to your shoulders. Then perform a squat, then raise the bar away from the arm overhead. Lower the bar to your shoulders and perform a squat, then stand up and load the bar up. Then restart from the starting point one more time. This is a single repetition, and if you can do seven to eight repetitions, you'll be improving.If you manage to do 10 repetitions, it will be time to increase the load you raise.


Tabata's protocol is to perform a full-body exercise for a certain amount of time, usually 20 seconds. Then followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeating this seven more times, with the objective of performing eight lapses of as many repetitions as you can handle in each 20-second interval. A good exercise to perform is the squat, since you can simply stand there between the lapses, since there would not be time to do something else. This training method can be used with squats, deadlifts or any other exercise that stimulates multiple muscle groups, and you will burn more fat than you could with other conventional training methods.

Video Tutorial: Weight Lifting for Weight Loss | Tips to Get Started.

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