Ideas For A Training Class By Circuits

Ideas For A Training Class By Circuits

Circuit training is a popular form of training that focuses on aerobic training and muscular endurance simultaneously. In a circuit training class, participants work through a series of 8 to 12 or more exercises, either for a fixed time or a number of repetitions, with little or no rest between exercises. Some circuits may involve the use of equipment; others may use only exercises that use body weight. Others can combine both. The circuits can be organized in a number of ways that are challenging for the participants and keep the training fresh and interesting.

Circuits in the outer circle

This is the most common way to organize a circuit. The exercises are located around the outside of an appropriate area and the participants work around the exercises, moving in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction throughout the room. You can locate the exercises practically in any order, but for a general training, the muscle groups are alternated, like the legs, followed by the central part, followed by the arms.

Corner circuits

Corner circuits allow you to overload a muscle group by locating similar exercises together. Each corner of the room has a specific muscle group assigned to it, such as the central part or legs. Choose three exercises for each muscle group, four muscle groups in total, one for each corner of the room. The participants then make multiple turns of each corner before advancing to the next.


In this variation of classes by circuits, the exercises are located down to the center of the room and the participants are grouped in pairs and dedicated to either A or B status. Although participants A are doing its exercise by circuits, participant B will run around the room. At the order of "Time!", The participants exchange places. To the next order, the participants exchange places again; except that A moves one place down the line of exercises. This is an effective way to conduct a class per circuit if you have a limited number of mats and other exercise equipment or if you want to put more emphasis on aerobic conditioning.

Star circuits

In a star circuit, the exercises are accommodated in the periphery of the room. At the moment of completing the first exercise of the circuit, all participants go to the center of the room and everyone performs the exercise of your choice, such as scissor jumps. Then they return to the circuit, advance an exercise and repeat.The exercise in the center can remain constant to overload a particular part of the body or rotated. To encourage the interaction and participation of the group, participants can select the exercise that will take place in the center of the room.

Several circuits of ten

For this circuit, prepare 10 different exercises around your training space. Each exercise should be easily scalable to fit a variety of fitness levels. The purpose is for participants to perform 100 repetitions of each exercise. You are not expected to perform 100 repetitions of each exercise at one time, but to advance the exercises until 100 have been completed by moving from one exercise to another and trying to complete the required repetitions in the shortest possible time. This circuit is particularly effective with the formation of sports teams, since a competition element is provided.

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