Is Circuit Training Good For Weight Loss?

Is Circuit Training Good For Weight Loss?

The Exercise is the key to losing weight, as it helps you burn calories and fat to improve your physique. And while some exercise is better than nothing when it comes to losing weight, you will find that certain methods of exercise, such as circuit training, may be more effective than others. Circuit training can help you maximize the number of calories you burn during your workouts, as well as throughout the rest of the day after the exercise session. Ask your doctor before starting a workout or a weight loss plan.

Circuit training summary

Circuit training is an exercise method in which you perform between six to 10 consecutive exercises, with minimal rest between them. Once you complete all the exercises, you can be there for two minutes before making the circuit again. In general, circuits contain exercises that target a variety of different muscle groups so you can work on improving your overall fitness level. Circuit training can be useful for weight loss, but you can also use circuits to improve your strength, muscle endurance and muscle size.

Calorie Expense in Exercise

Circuit training can help you lose weight effectively, since it maximizes calorie burn by keeping you active throughout the workout. Less frequent rest periods mean that you are spending most of your time exercising and burning calories. Circuit training can also help you combine high-energy calorie burning activities, such as treadmill running, rowing and weight lifting, in a workout without being overly fatigued.

Benefits of metabolism after training

The rapid pace of circuit training offers an intense experience that can be beneficial for weight loss due to the burning of calories during the training. But the intensity benefits even after finishing your training. Research from the August 2005 issue of the "European Journal of Applied Physiology" indicates that work-circuit training will demand a greater degree of excess oxygen consumption after exercise, or COPD, than traditional cardio workouts. COPD refers to the metabolic boost that your body retains in the hours and days after your workout, and can be an important source of additional calorie burning.

Maximize Weight Loss

You can improve calorie burning and the potential weight loss of your circuit workout if you follow some strategies in mind. First, focus on the choice of intensive exercises, such as treadmill sprints, for your cardio selections and the use of compound weight training exercises. Compound exercises like the chest press, make use of multiple muscle groups and burn more calories than isolated exercises. In addition, research from the February 2007 edition of the "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" indicates that performing cardio exercises in the last part of your training and weightlifting exercises towards the beginning can help improve the burning of fat.

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