Is It Better To Train In The Afternoon Or In The Morning?

Is It Better To Train In The Afternoon Or In The Morning?

Research on sports performance has collected seductive clues that you exercise in the afternoon or The morning can influence the success of your training, depending on how you see your goals. While no study has found that night workouts have specific benefits, it seems that any time you choose to train is better than no time at all.

Morning exercise for weight control

Several studies indicate that morning exercises may improve progress in weight control. A 2010 study conducted in Belgium and published in the Journal of Physiology asked his male subjects to enjoy high-calorie, high-fat holiday style meals. Men who exercised before breakfast each day avoided the weight gain and glucose peaks experienced by those who did not exercise. Another study, conducted at Appalachian State University in 2011, found that participants who exercised at 7 a. m. They improved their sleep patterns and reduced blood pressure.

Exercises in the afternoon to improve training

The exercise done in the afternoon, according to a 2009 French study that was published in Chronobiology, could be beneficial for those who are looking for serious improvements in the results of their training and sports performance. A study conducted by researchers at the Los Angeles laboratory of mice at the University of California found that when mice were allowed to exercise in the afternoon, body chemicals that regulate sleep improved. The study was published in 2012 in the Journal of Physiology.

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