Is It Safe To Lift A Small Child When She Is Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Lift A Small Child When She Is Pregnant?

Pregnant women should, generally, avoid lifting weight during their pregnancies. While it may be easy to let someone else pick up and carry the things that were bought in the store, it is much harder to turn down a sweet little boy who wants to be in your arms. However, your doctor can give you specific recommendations for your particular situation, but you should understand the general guidelines that talk about lifting weight during pregnancy.

The Facts

In most cases, you can charge your children who weigh 30 pounds or less until it starts to get difficult and uncomfortable. This usually occurs around the fourth or fifth month for most women, explained Dr. Mary Lake Polan on the BabyCenter website. It is safe, for most women, to raise more than the established weight (and many of the children fall into this category), but once you enter the third trimester, you should limit yourself on how often you pick them up.

Potential problems

When you are pregnant, your body intensifies the production of relaxin, making it about 10 times more than the normal level of this hormone that loosens the joints, explains obstetrician and gynecologist Marra Francis in the magazine "Parents". This increase in production makes your pelvis ready to expand during childbirth because relaxin relaxes all joints of your body, for this reason, you may feel pain in the joints and have an inflammation when you put pressure on them. The expansion of your stomach also causes the center of gravity of your body to change, increasing the amount of pressure on your lower back (or lower back) and making you more susceptible to falling. All these factors can make it difficult for you to lift your child without hurting yourself.

Recommended method

When you go to lift your child, use the proper techniques to do so to avoid hurting yourself. Keep in mind bend your knees to pick it up, lift it straightening your knees, keeping your back straight and using your legs to do all the lifting work. Avoid making quick or clumsy movements when you are lifting, because this type of things can make you fall. Also, keep in mind to slow down as the increased blood flow during pregnancy can make you feel dizzy or dazed when you quickly stop, warned obstetrician and gynecologist Laurie C. Zephyrin at BabyCenter.


It is easy to refuse to raise other children more than your own child. Fortunately, there are other ways to show your affection to the case that you can not raise because you are very uncomfortable or because your doctor told you not to.Then, instead of carrying it, encourage him to hold your hand or use a stroller when you are walking and make sure you give him all the pampering while he is on your lap or when sitting next to you on a sofa or in a chair.

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