Levaquin And Metronidazole For Diverticulitis

Levaquin And Metronidazole For Diverticulitis

With age, the large intestine or colon can develop small pouches known as "diverticula or a single diverticulum if you develop only one pouch." Doctors call this condition "diverticulosis." Most people with diverticulosis Never develop symptoms, however, occasionally one or more of these pockets can inflame, triggering a potentially serious illness called diverticulitis.This condition can cause a wide range of symptoms, including abdominal pain, usually left side, fatigue, weakness or discomfort and mild fever Diverticulitis requires diagnosis and immediate treatment by a specialist, usually a colon and rectum surgeon Antibiotics help eliminate bacteria that cause inflammation of diverticulitis.

Antibiotics kill bacteria that cause the infection.If you do not treat immediately with antibiotics the infection could escalate and p You may develop more severe abdominal pain along with higher fever and a variety of other advanced bacteremia that can trigger septicemia which can lead to shock, unconsciousness and organ failure. An infected diverticulum can perforate or explode, spraying pus or stool in the abdominal cavity. If left untreated, these complications can become irreversible and cause death.

Levaquin is the commercial name of the drug levoflaxin and is a member of a class of effective antibiotics against some of the bacteria involved in diverticulitis. Levaquin has several side effects, including inflammation and rupture of the tendon; Take this drug only if it is prescribed by your doctor. Other antibiotics in this class, such as ciprofloxacin, may be used instead of Levaquin. You must take these antibiotics between 10 days to two or three weeks to completely treat the infection and prevent complications. Often, your doctor may also prescribe metronidazole, an antibiotic effective against different bacteria, for wider antibiotic coverage. Metronidazole also has side effects; Do not drink alcohol while taking this drug.

If you have ever had diverticulitis, you have a higher risk of having repeated episodes. If the episodes occur very often, your doctor may recommend selective removal or removal of the diseased part of the colon. Severe diverticulitis requires hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics. You may need emergency surgery if a perforation is triggered or if the disease process is not resolved with antibiotic treatment.


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