Boxing Team List

Boxing Team List

If you want to start boxing, you need to have access to adequate equipment. You do not have to have everything, but you need a gym that has access to the right equipment to train. It is best that you enter a gym and sign up with a coach who can show you the good and the bad of boxing.

Boxing Gloves

If you take boxing seriously you will need two pairs of boxing gloves. One is a light pair of bag gloves (10 oz or less) that you will use to hit the pear and heavy bag. However, when you are in the ring to train or box with an opponent, you need full-size gloves that weigh between 14 and 16 ounces. Boxing gloves cushion your hand during the battering process and will often prevent you from getting hurt. If you throw a solid blow at an uncomfortable angle you can damage your fist. That's why you need the glove cushion. The bandage of the hands, which is placed under the gloves as a support, is also essential for protection.

Boxing Ring

To really learn your sport, you have to be able to enter the ring and box against an opponent. The only place where this will happen is if you belong to a gym that has a quadrilateral to train with an opponent. The quadrilateral should be between 16 feet by 16 feet and 24 feet by 24 feet. A quadrilateral is the right place to test if you have learned your skills.

Boxing Pear

The pear is one of the oldest tools in boxing and helps the boxer to learn to throw punches with speed, precision and agility. To learn how to throw punches at angles that can hurt your opponent, use a pear to hone your skills. Hitting the pear also helps your performance and speed.

Heavy Sack

Throwing power shots at the punching bag is a different skill than learning how to throw fast punches at the boxing pear. Power strokes are not the result of being able to lift a lot of weight and have a strong chest and arms. The blows of power are thrown with your entire body. Use the lower part of your body, the muscles of the trunk and upper body to pull power shots, and the heavy bag will help you.

Protective Equipment

Before entering the ring, you will need protective head gear, a mouth guard, a hand pad, a jockstrap and a shell, and boxing shoes. The head gear is used by all fighters during training and also by amateur fighters during the fight. All wrestlers use mouth guards, which protect the mouth and teeth from strong blows and help prevent lacerations in the mouth and broken teeth. The jockstrap and the shell prevent injuries to the reproductive organs while the boxing shoes help the fighters to move smoothly in the ring without turning or hurting their ankles.

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