List Of Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free Foods

List Of Gluten-Free And Dairy-Free Foods

If you are celiac, the The best way to avoid symptoms is by following a gluten-free diet, which means avoiding wheat, rye and barley. Your diet becomes even more limited if you have lactose intolerance or do not like dairy products and therefore avoid them. However, a diet without gluten and dairy products can remain nutritious and varied.

Gluten-free grains

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley and many bread, cereal and pasta products are banned on a gluten-free diet. Options according to the New York University include buckwheat, kasha, quinoa, rice, corn and flax. When baking, you can use bean, walnut and soybean meal as substitutes for wheat flour. Grains naturally do not have dairy, but processed grain products may contain dairy ingredients such as milk or butter. Read the list of ingredients to make sure your choices do not contain dairy.

Meat, fish, poultry and beans

Beans and fresh meat, fish, seafood and poultry are gluten-free and dairy-free foods naturally. These foods may contain gluten or dairy products after being processed or cooked. Batters, fried fish, chicken and shrimp, bean burritos and chili peppers with cheese are examples of foods with gluten or dairy products. New York University's Langone Medical Center lists processed meats such as hot dogs, cold cuts, marinades and imitation seafood as potential concerns for those on a gluten-free diet. Check the label of any processed food you buy to make sure they are really free of gluten and dairy.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are safe for this type of diet when they are raw, frozen, canned or cooked without sauces. Rinse fruits and vegetables before eating to remove any possible residue. Avoid vegetables cooked in butter, fried onion rings and zucchini sticks, vegetables with cheese or cream sauce and mixed dishes such as vegetable soup with croutons or fruit salad with yogurt. Check the labels on fruit and vegetable juices and drinks to make sure they do not have gluten or milk.

Other conisderations

Some foods are naturally free of gluten and dairy, but manufacturing processes can lead to contamination with gluten or the addition of dairy products. The Food and Drug Administration establish guidelines for the labeling of gluten and dairy products. Food manufacturers can only label foods as "gluten-free" if they have a content of less than 20 parts at least, which is unlikely to lead to unhealthy reactions.Food labels with dairy products must state that the product contains dairy products.

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