List Of Healthy Foods That Contain Iron For Children

List Of Healthy Foods That Contain Iron For Children

Agree With Kids Health, iron is essential because it helps produce the red blood cells needed to transport oxygen to the child's muscles and tissues. A healthy diet will ensure that you consume enough iron to keep oxygen moving throughout the body. Children between one and 12 years need 11 mg per day, male adolescents need 12 mg and adolescents need 15 mg. There are many foods that provide a good dose of iron in each serving to help you achieve these goals.

Meat and chicken

Meat and chicken are good sources of iron, since with only a small portion you can get the necessary benefits. Healthy Children recommends that they consume lean beef, pork, liver and other organs to maintain iron in their diet. The dark meat of chicken and turkey are other sources rich in iron. Fish can provide an additional dose, the magazine reports. Sardines, cod, anchovies and shellfish such as crabs or shrimp are good sources of iron. Salmon and tuna are also the son.

Vegetables and chickpeas

Some vegetables have a higher iron content than others and incorporating several servings of iron-rich vegetables will help ensure that the child gets enough of this important mineral. Green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli and spinach are some of the best options according to Healthy Children. Serve the child a salad at lunch or dinner each day as an easy way to increase the consumption of vegetables. Baked potatoes with skin are another good option. The beans as for example; The pinto, black or white are very good. Fill an omelet with beans or add 1/4 cup to the soup or salad to help your child eat more.

Cereals and fortified grains

Many breakfast cereals are fortified with iron to help increase the child's daily intake. The majority that are intended for children contain between 25 and 45% of the recommended amount each day. Read the nutrition information label on the child's favorite cereal to make sure it contains at least a little iron. Serve a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast or offer dry cereal to eat at snack. Some cereals can be baked in breads or crackers for better nutrition. Many whole-grain breads also contain a significant amount of iron. Read the nutrition information label to make sure you're buying a brand with a good dose of iron.

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