List Of Natural Diuretics

List Of Natural Diuretics

Diuretics are found naturally in Many vegetables, herbs and drinks, including tea and coffee. These substances stimulate your kidneys to increase the excretion of urine. This can be beneficial for your health if you have a lot of fluid retention, which causes inflammation or edema in your body. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that natural diuretics can improve the effects of some medications; Talk to your doctor about your diet if you are taking "water pills" or other diuretic medications.

Natural fluid excretion

Tea, coffee and chocolate are diuretics because they contain caffeine. This natural plant substance stimulates the central nervous system and also removes fluids from your body. Caffeine is found naturally in fruits, seeds and leaves of more than 60 plants, including cola nuts, cocoa beans and tea leaves. It is also manufactured synthetically and is added to sports drinks and some types of pain and flu medicines.

Improved health seeds

Celery seeds are used as a spice for food and verbal medicine which is a natural diuretic and is also thought to have other healthful properties. The seeds are used for inflammation, muscle spasms, poor digestion, arthritis and fluid retention. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that celery seeds are also used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. These medicinal effects, however, have not been determined clinically.

Hidden benefits of asparagus (asparagus)

As the name implies, the vegetable-like spear-like asparagus is rich in the amino acid asparagine, which is a natural diuretic. The EatingWell site says that eating asparagus increases the excretion of flour and also helps your body get rid of excess salts. This could be beneficial for individuals who have edema or inflammation due to fluid retention and for patients with high blood pressure and other conditions related to the heart.

Other foods to relieve fluid retention

Maybe you are already eating many foods that are diuretics regularly. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that natural diuretic foods and herbs can help you get rid of excess water in your body. Diuretic foods include onions, beets, green beans, green leafy vegetables, aubergines, pumpkin, pineapple, grapes, and watermelon. Herbs such as parsley, hawthorn, leeks, garlic and corn silk also cause your body to lose water.

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