Living With A Stoma

Living With A Stoma

A stoma is a surgically created opening, which Place a portion of the small or large intestine through the abdominal wall. A bag is attached to the opening and used outside the body, where it collects waste and empties as needed. Although nobody wants to have a stoma, their presence will not prevent you from enjoying your life. In some cases, a stoma can free you, by allowing you to overcome the old restrictions of a disease.

An ileostomy is a stoma created from the small intestine and a colostomy is a stoma created from the colon. A stoma can be temporary or permanent, depending on the condition that requires its formation. Stomas have been used to treat patients with cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and infectious diseases. Certain traumas may also require the placement of a stoma.

Having a stoma may be psychologically difficult at first, but most people adapt quickly and are able to lead a normal life. You must be able to participate in most of the activities you were involved with before you had a stoma. In fact, it is often difficult to identify the presence of a stoma in routine daily activities, which will allow you to lead an active and full life.

There are several stoma devices available and these can be adapted to your lifestyle. The devices have filters that remove any odor from the contents of the bag when an appropriate seal is maintained. The devices are water resistant and can be used for swimming.

The simple presence of a stoma has no effect on sexual function. Both men and women can still maintain an active sex life. "Accidents" can occur when there are leaks around the ostomy device, where it sticks to your abdomen, but those events will be less frequent as you develop experience and become familiar with the device.

You can get support from an extensive network for stoma patients, which includes stoma therapists, health professionals who are specially trained to help stoma patients, your doctors and groups who can help you adjust the device.


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