Manny Pacquiao: The Best Meal

Manny Pacquiao: The Best Meal

Put yourself in Manny Pacquaio's shoes for One day, and you probably have trouble walking the next morning. During the day he will run, box and train with weights, and burn calories faster than he will get rid of opponents, since it is usual to burn 2. 500 calories for each workout.

But to maintain your 147-pound combat weight, training is only part of the equation to be a champion. During most days, Pacquaio eats a diet of about 7,000 calories or more than twice what a normal American eats.

It's all part of the routine that has helped Pacquaio become the first and only wrestler to win in eight divisions with different weights. The secret of this Pac-Man? A surprisingly simple, yet tasty, diet that contains two meals for after workouts, each with a mixture of protein and carbohydrates.

This successful nutritional plan begins with oatmeal, the only food you eat after each training session, regardless of whether you are running, boxing, or lifting weights.

"My favorite food for my wrestlers and for me is the one we eat after training: raw oats, skim milk, fresh berries and honey," says Alexa Ariza, strength and conditioning coach for Pacquaio, who lives in Los Angeles. Angels. "The oatmeal is slowly cooked in milk, and it absorbs the honey, and it is proven to be the best food for a quick recovery during the camp."

In addition to the carbohydrates in oatmeal, Ariza gives anabolic potential to this meal with 30 grams of protein in a drink made with two spoons of Designer Whey protein, mixed with water.

"The calories in Pacquiao's diet are high, so that the next day he can exercise intensely and not feel powerless, if he did not ingest so many calories, he would be burning muscle, and he can not afford this."

Alex Ariza, Manny Pacquaio's coach

Why he loves her

When you train as often and hard as Pacquaio does, food is of special importance. "[Oats] is useful especially after a workout to be ready for the rest of the day, "says Ariza." We adjust the meals depending on how the training day seems to be, "he confesses." For a few days, the training is intense, especially at the beginning of the day. camps, when Manny is doing strength and conditioning exercises, which is like a week in hell. "

But the oatmeal is really just an appetizer that feeds more strenuous workouts and leads to a second meal after these, which contains one of the champion's favorite foods.

During the afternoon, Pacquaio goes to the Wild Card Gym, where the training sessions in the ring focus on a game plan created by trainer Freddie Roach.There, Pacquaio eats a second meal after training, which contains a tapa with meat, a Filipino dish with thin sirloin strips cured with soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and then boiled and fried. It also includes boiled white rice, tinolag manok, a soup based on chicken with ginger and herbs, and a melon and mango dish.

"The calories Pacquaio ingests are so high that the next day he can train with the same intensity without feeling exhausted," says Ariza. "If it were not like that, Manny would burn muscles and can not afford it," explains the Colombian coach.

What makes a dish healthy?

Kate Matchett, a registered dietitian at Sport CARE at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, notes that carbohydrates are the most important nutrients to recover glycogen stores, an athlete's main source of fuel during a workout.

"Oatmeal has excellent carbohydrates, honey has a higher glycemic index than oats, which means that it has fast acting carbohydrates after exercising, which will restore glycogen reserves more quickly since honey is more easy to digest slow-acting carbohydrates, "says Matchett." Milk and beverage mix provide protein to repair muscle damage - berries provide the antioxidants needed to keep your immune system healthy. "

How do I make a dish even healthier?

Pacquaio can incorporate more protein foods into a dish by adding skim milk powder or nut butter. "Both give healthy athletes the flavor and fat they need more than those who are not," says Matchett. "Manny also You can melt peanut butter, almonds or pecan nuts when the oatmeal is almost completely cooked. "

Finally, Matchett recommends that if an athlete does not get enough fuel after training, he will be exhausted the next. "Manny can stand the extra calories by placing cranberries, nuts or seeds on the oatmeal." It's a simple way to add energy-dense foods that help you reach the necessary amount of calories to maximize nutrition and prevent fatigue. "

Alex Ariza's oatmeal recipe

Ingredients: 1 cup of raw oatmeal 1 tablespoon of honey 1 cup of skim milk ½ cup of various berries

Method: Mix all the ingredients, let them cook for 20 minutes. Serve it

Video Tutorial: Manny Pacquiao Diet Challenge (7,000+ Calories).

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