Natural Callus Removal

Natural Callus Removal

Calluses usually appear on the feet or hands, but these areas of rough and thick skin can create a problem on any part of the skin that is exposed to repeated friction. It may seem rude, but the best way to get rid of corns is to be a little rough and abrasive. Be gentle, but persistent, because removing thick dead skin may require several treatments. Natural treatments are often better; Callus treatments that are sold without a prescription commonly contain acids that can burn the skin.

Take a warm bath or shower and let the callused areas soften in the warm water for at least five minutes.

Gently rub the callused areas with a pumice stone or callus file to remove the thin outer layer of the skin. Do not rub hard, and do not try to eliminate a whole callus in a treatment.

Dry the callused area with an absorbent towel, then apply a thick moisturizing cream.

Use a pumice stone on callused areas at least three times a week. Once the calluses are removed, keep using the pumice stone regularly to keep the area clear of callus.

Place a cushion on the callused areas with an adhesive bandage or an adhesive pad to relieve pressure and friction.

Anticipates the development of new calluses with the use of appropriate shoes and socks. Wear gloves if the calluses are in your hands.


You can buy pills without a prescription for corns callus that look like small, cushioned donuts.


Never remove corns with sharp tools such as knives or razor blades.

Do not try to eliminate calluses at home if you have diabetes.

Consult your doctor if natural home treatments fail to relieve corns or if calluses are painful.

Video Tutorial: 30 Second Solutions - Callus Remover.

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