Evaluation Of Nike + Kinect: By Beth Risdon

Evaluation Of Nike + Kinect: By Beth Risdon

It's no secret that I I spend half of my life running out through wind, snow and typhoons. I rarely go to the gym unless I need a tape as a solution (almost as often as I need Justin Bieber as a solution) or I want to attend a yoga class or a training camp. But let's be honest. Sometimes you just want to stay at home and do your training without having to fight against climate changes or that nobody sees you in spandex.

When I was offered to try and review the Nike + Kinect Training program (for Xbox 360), I was willing to give it a try. I'm not normally a type of person doing video / DVD / Xbox workouts, and honestly, I've made fun of these things in the past. After trying this program, however, I am seeing the light.

I've already told you that I stink with technology. It intimidates me and it is known that it put me in a bad mood. As I had never used an Xbox or any kind of motion detection game system when the system arrived it was not entirely secure. I liked the idea of ​​the Nike + Kinect training program, as it was supposedly designed with the principles of professional training in mind, something that my daily workouts lack. I decided to put on my training clothes and try. Basically, a camera is configured and it identifies you. Throughout the training program you are next to a virtual trainer and you can see an image of yourself moving exactly as you are moving. Pretty elegant.

When you start for the first time you set up a personal profile and choose a male or female trainer. I chose "Alex" because women are always shouting at me in training camp and spinning classes and I wanted a male presence. I do not care if hard men kick my ass. Alex asked me what my goals were: strength, tone or getting inclination, and I chose strength, because I am a weak person, and that was it.

When you're starting out for the first time, you have to go through an assessment to measure resistance, strength, balance and flexibility. I was quite arrogant and thought I had these things insured, but it turned out that I had a lot of work to do. I tested the system to see if it really told me different things if I acted differently. In the thrusts the first time I was quite stable on both sides, and Alex told me that I looked "couple". The next round was less stable on one side, and Alex (my new best friend) pointed out that he needed more strength on the unsteady side. Alex is very insightful. I wonder if he will be available for a drink next Tuesday night.

My evaluation showed what I was afraid of, that I'm not really fit and I'm not that athletic, but I'm a little better than average.I wanted to ask Alex: "Very good, Mr. Coach, but can you run a marathon?" I also found out how uncoordinated I really am. It took all my concentration to follow the instructions. And, yes, my heart rate was out of series at certain points.

Once you have your athletic and physical assessment, choose the number of days to train, the duration of the session and the goal for the session (strength, cardio, etc.) and the difficulty. Made to measure to adapt to your lifestyle!


β€’ Anyone can do so from the privacy of their own home, which makes it easy and accessible and perhaps more likely to definitely do so. β€’ The program provides personalized training taking into account your age, current physical condition, flexibility, agility, etc. β€’ The program can work outside of your voice or your movements β€’ The coach really lets you know if your form or position is out; it's not something you would get with less interactive programs. β€’ It is a magnet for the child. My children love to follow the workouts and it's fun to watch them choose to be active with Alex instead of gravitating toward television.



β€’ There is a learning curve for understanding instructions and the best way to be detected by the camera. This is probably a user error, but sometimes I had difficulty getting the camera to catch me (like when I went to the floor for the pecs). I think I got it down by the end of the first session. β€’ A room of a good size is needed to do the training. My family room was too small and I think this is why I had problems with the camera β€’ If you do not have an Xbox already (with Kinect) you will have to invest. (The Xbox costs $ 200, the Kinect sensor $ 100 and Nike + Kinect Training Program $ 50.) In general, if you really do the workouts and follow the instructions, this would be a decent investment for your physical condition.

  • By Beth Rison

Video Tutorial: Naomi.

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