Organize Your Kickboxing Team At Home

Organize Your Kickboxing Team At Home

Kickboxing is a popular pastime and an excellent way to lose weight and keep fit. However, some people find it difficult to find the time and motivation to attend a gym. If you have the necessary equipment at home for this activity you can perform additional exercise. If you are a dedicated kickboxer, this can also help you to have your own space available to do additional routines to improve your technique and level of conditioning.

Remove all objects to accommodate your kickboxing gym, preferably use the space you plan to use and an area that serves as a separator between the gym and the rest. It can be your garage, a room, or a portion of another area. Wherever it is, remember to have enough free space.

If necessary, place foam mats. While you can train on carpets, wood or concrete, this is not ideal because the floor will be very different from what you normally use when training or competing. Hard floors can hurt your joints and can hurt you if you fall. Foam mats are usually cheaper than alternatives to judo mats, as well as being more absorbent and easier to handle.

Place the equipment you have available or wish to use. If you are planning to train primarily with a partner, then you will need additional equipment and practice gloves for your companion to hold while you kick. If you are more likely to practice alone, it will be more convenient for you to have a large sack, a speed sack, or a double sack. Although you can place the bags in many ways, fixing them to the ceiling is the firmest solution. Another option is to buy a stand to hang the bag.

Add additional equipment as you acquire it. There is a huge variety of sandbags that can help you. For example, there are low-hit banana sacks to practice kicks, or roof-to-floor bags as well as balls to develop speed, precision and tempo. You can also include another type of equipment such as weights or bars.


Make sure your area is clear of obstacles, as it can be easy for you to hurt your ankle if you step on any of the attachments you leave on the floor. If there are obstacles that come out of the wall or the floor, you can hurt yourself if you fall on them. If you have time, you can put protectors on the walls where you train to avoid hurting yourself if you hit the wall by accident.

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