Oxycise Breathing Exercise

Oxycise Breathing Exercise

Oxycise is a deep breathing technique that focuses on the use of the diaphragm and the flexion and contraction of the muscles to help you lose weight. Oxycise products for sale include training videos, CDs and books. The program, which comes in four different levels, also includes a specific series for those who want to exercise more slowly.


Jill Johnson, who developed Oxycise, spent years researching medical and popular literature for a solution to her own problems with weight. When he read in a physiology manual that "fat is oxidized in carbon dioxide," he experimented with various techniques of deep breathing and "flexion and contraction of muscle groups." She lost 50 pounds in six months and has stayed that way for more than 20 years. He started teaching and marketing these techniques as a weight loss program called "Oxycise".


According to Johnson, "oxygen is the key to metabolism and it's the last thing we think about because it's free." The Oxycise breathing technique emphasizes correct oxygen intake and muscle work to accelerate metabolism and burn fat more effectively. The recommended practice is 15 minutes per day.

Basic Practice

The practice of basic breathing involves deep inhalation through the nose, then tilting the base of the pelvis forward and inhaling three more times. The deep exhalation is done through a light part of the lips followed by three more inhalations.


Johnson recommends an exercise you can do while working at your desk, washing dishes or driving your car. While sitting comfortably with your body relaxed but not collapsed, inhale deeply through your nostrils, using your diaphragm, and count to three. Release any tension you have and gently contract your back and abdomen.

Also using your diaphragm, exhale as if you were blowing through a straw while you count to three. As you did with your inhalation, release any tension you have and gently contract your bottom and abdomen. As you exhale gently, it contracts your backside and stomach. Repeat 10 more times. According to Jill Johnson, you will begin to notice muscular improvement after about a month.


Oxycise exercises are not recommended for those who suffer from blood clots, because it increases heart rate and circulation. If you have a similar health condition, check with your doctor before attempting this practice.

Expert opinion

Experts say that the chances of losing weight by simply breathing deeply are slim. Richard Goffrey, chief physiologist at British Olympic Medical Care and Ian Macdonald, professor of metabolic physiology at the School of Biomedical Sciences in Derbyshire, England, agrees that only vigorous aerobic activity will effectively burn calories and fat.In addition, Professor Macdonald advises against excessive deep breathing as it could disturb the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and possibly cause mild dizziness.

Product review

According to a Dietspotlight review, it has not been proven that Oxycise breathing techniques burn fat and can be difficult for those who have breathing difficulties. The review concludes that Oxycise does not offer an inherent danger but advises to proceed with caution as it states that it has not been scientifically proven.

Video Tutorial: Deep Breathing Exercise.

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