Public Health Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition

Public health nutrition It is an organized measure to promote health, prevent disease and prolong the life of the population, according to the World Health Organization. Public health was established to protect the welfare of the entire population rather than a single individual. Public health nutritionists focus on eliminating a disease or health problem in a community, educating communities through nutrition education.

Public Health Nutrition Mission

The main focus of public health nutrition is to protect and improve the health of the population. While public health nutrition strives to improve the health of the entire population, it is intended to reach vulnerable and high-risk groups in the community. One component of public health nutrition is making available resources that are not offered through the health care system. Public health nutrition offers public health-related care, including food, nutrition, and education services that certain populations do not otherwise have access to. The nutritionist also collaborates with other public health professionals to influence the population to make better health decisions.

Public benefits

With the public health nutrition offered, the quality of life of many populations has improved. One part of nutrition and public health is to improve pregnancy for the mother and the baby through their education about eating correctly. Poor nutrition during pregnancy or childhood can have lifelong consequences. An example is the folic acid campaign. Since its introduction, the number of babies born with neural tube defects has been significantly reduced, due to a greater awareness of folic acid needs during pregnancy. Public health nutrition also works with vulnerable groups who are at higher risk of preventable diseases due to malnutrition. It also reaches undernourished groups of chronic hunger, because they do not have the money to buy food.

Find services for you

Public health nutrition is offered through local, state and federal services. Some of the most notable public health nutrition campaigns include safe drinking water, healthy eating, food safety, and healthy moms and babies. Most public health nutritionists are in the local health department. This is where you can find some of the public health nutrition programs for women, infants and children, health promotions and disease prevention and maternal and child health.You can also find public health nutritionists in cooperative extensions, social service agencies, schools, food assistance programs, day care centers, Head Start programs, health organizations, hospitals and some food companies.

Long-term benefits

Public health nutritionists are easily accessible. Contact your local health department to find a public health nutritionist who can help you with your needs. If you want more nutrition education or help with access to food, they are there to make public health nutrition available to everyone, including those with low incomes. Public health nutrition plays a role in improving the quality of life and prolonging life by promoting healthy eating. Nutrition can make an important difference in preventing the development of certain diseases.

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