Pull Down Exercises Without A Machine

Pull Down Exercises Without A Machine

Pull down exercises are used to strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the body. You will know if you are doing a pull down because your arms will pull down, towards your body against a resistance. Many times, this resistance is in the form of an exercise machine, but you can receive training benefits through the use of an exercise band as a resistance tool.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands for exercises are rubber tubes, or flat bands that are available in a variety of styles. The resistance tubes have handles on both ends. A figure of eight bands is a solid tube, joined in the center and has handles on both ends. A flat band has no handles and can be cut to the desired length for your exercises. The bands are latex, but they are available in styles that are not latex in case you have an allergy. You can buy a band of light, medium or strong resistance based on your level of strength and your fitness goals.

Pulley at chest

Pulley at chest strengthens the largest muscle in the back, the latissimus dorsi. You can start a pulldown with a resistance band grabbing half the band with both hands. Your palms out of your body while you keep the band on your head with your arms straight. Make a deployment by bending the elbows and separating the hands as you lower the band to the chest. This same movement can be done by attaching the center of the band to an air base, holding one end of the band in each hand and then bending the elbows to pull down the hands in line with the chest. Both exercises can be performed from a sitting or standing position.

Tricep Pulldown

A pulldown exercise can also be used to strengthen the triceps, the back of your arms. You can exercise one arm at a time keeping the band with the right hand. Place your right hand about 1 foot in front of your chest. Your left hand grasps the band about 1 foot below your right hand. Squeeze the 90 degree angle with the left elbow bent on its side and then straighten the left arm with your left hand towards the hip and pulling the band down. You can perform this pulldown with both hands at the same time, ensuring half of your band a stable base at a height above your head, holding one end of the band in each hand and then bending and stretching the arms at the sides. You can perform these exercises from a sitting or standing position.

Straight-Arm Pulldown

A straight arm pulldown strengthens the muscles of the back. Begin this exercise by placing half of the band around a stable base at a height that is above your head.Stand up and position yourself approximately 2 feet from the ends of the band, so you have to get in front of you with your arms extended to grab the ends. Perform the pulldown, keeping the arms straight and pulling down against the resistance until the hands reach the hips.

Video Tutorial: Pull-Down Exercises Without a Machine: Leg Workouts.

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