Nike + Kinect View - Jeffrey Storey

Nike + Kinect View - Jeffrey Storey

My soccer addiction

I have a problem, a serious problem. I'm addicted to soccer. At 40 I'm still playing at a competitive level and I've played this sport since I was 5 years old.

Now let me tell you something. Football involves running a lot. Very much. At full speed. Run to the field to recover, only to run again. 45 minutes of one form, 45 minutes of another. At the end of the game you are "exhausted", as they like to say.

So when I was asked to do an evaluation with the Nike + Kinect training, I'm not going to lie to you, I was dizzy: "I'm in excellent shape to be 40 years old!" I said to myself, "I can run to anyone my age!

Susy Sedano

A sudden awakening

I can not breathe. I can not... breathe! I'm halfway through my evaluation of exercises with my virtual trainer, Alex. He has had me running in the place for the last 45 seconds, kicking my knees with each step. An old football drill, right? It should be a piece of cake! Well, I'm in the third interval and I'm out of breath, determined to get this to be the end. If I raise those knees, my legs are burning. The program does a great job counting the last seconds and Alex pushes me towards the end line. Fact. Breathe

This is the real deal. Alex is in you from the moment you start. Pushes you. And he watches you. One of the most remarkable things about Alex was how I carefully observed and corrected my ways (Alex was much more attentive than my last experience with a personal trainer in the gym.) That man preferred to ramble about his problems with girlfriends instead of paying attention to what I was doing!). Alex really made me perform each exercise or stretch perfectly and when I made corrections he suggested that it felt much better and often more challenging. Alex was so authentic that I had to remind myself from time to time that he was virtual (he is, right?).

At the end of the evaluation, I was classified based on training and athletics. My athletics score was high, but my training? Well, that needs some work, "football or no football! "I sighed.

It's him!

Once I adjusted to the reality of this program (which is hard work but will give excellent results) I was hooked. Each workout is customized according to your progress, pushing you and increasing your exercise levels. It is a serious training but it mixes the exercises enough so that it is never boring or repetitive. Each training has a game component too (maybe you have to dodge red inflatable balls, bringing my youngest son to the game room) or crouch and jump over glass partitions (but do not make any mistakes: it's not a game).It is an exercise training program that will take you in a good way to a great one.


-Alex is probably more effective than most "real" coaches. The level and quality of responses to your movements is absolutely top-notch. It is difficult to understand how they can put this on a technical level.

-The program really teaches you the right way for a variety of exercises you can do anywhere (although the comfort of your living room is probably the best place).

-The variety of routines and exercises is great, especially in the "burning game" and other experiences like games that distract you from how hard it is to burn those calories!

-The program gives you an accurate summary of how well you are progressing, the energy you spend and similar things.


-You have to have room to make your moves. The program has you jumping from one side to another and up and down, so you should make sure you have an area clear enough to move around. As I told you before, this is the real deal.

-As everything, it can take some attempts to understand what some exercises involve. But once you take them by the hand, you'll be ready for the races.

-I strongly recommend the Nike + Kinect Training to anyone looking for an excellent exercise program, either to lose a few kilos of the holidays or really get an "athletic figure". I'm on the road!

-By Jeffrey Storey

Disclaimer: reviewers received a free Xbox 360 4GM console with Kinect and a copy of Nike + Kinect training.

Video Tutorial: Nike+Kinect Training Montage Video.

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