Review Of Nike + Kinect: Marc Montemerlo

Review Of Nike + Kinect: Marc Montemerlo

As a coach, I advise every day people on what to do and how to do it and I encourage them to work beyond what they think possible. "Alex", my virtual trainer in the Nike + Kinect training system, does that and much more. I find it motivating, positive and encouraging. Sometimes I felt frustrated but I learned that listening to Alex's comments could move forward with this program; This is similar to the message I try to convey to my clients. The initial configuration of the console was easy and simple. It took me some time, however, to assemble the room I was going to use. I changed all the large furniture in place and made sure that I would not slip on any rug. As at the beginning of any personal training program, the first step is to conduct an evaluation. The Nike + Kinect training program also has an evaluation. It consisted in an evaluation of my general balance, my agility, my strength and my flexibility. The one that cost me the most was the endurance test in which I had to run with my knees up for 30 seconds (3 sets!). If my knees were not high enough, they did not count. After the evaluation the console qualifies you regarding your physical and athletic status. Then follow a personal training plan with the aim of improving your score when you re-evaluate yourself in 4 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised by the routine that touched me. Some of the exercises he told me, I would never have indicated them thinking I did not need them, but apparently, my new virtual trainer believes that I need them. I had to select the number of days a week in which I committed to training with Alex. I am writing this review 24 hours after doing my first 5 minute sample training and I must say that I am already in pain today, but in a positive way! My program was demanding, fun and exciting. It was very good to be for once on the side of the one receiving the indications in a personal training. What I liked about my training is that it is a truly functional plan. It's not just a boring series of traditional exercises.


  1. Alex, your virtual trainer, becomes your friend, who motivates you when you need motivation, encourages you with your achievements and presses you when you need it. Their instructions are clear and precise and if you listen to them, you can perform the exercises with ease.

  2. The design is also easy to follow. The lines and markers are clearly visible on the screen and show you when you are performing the exercises in the correct form and alignment.

  3. Exercises are excellent for promoting strength, power, and speed since most are based on functional lifestyle training.Sometimes I would be out of breath (a good thing!) Increasing my cardiac performance And it certainly made me sweat!



  1. Some of the instructions that Alex gave me were confusing, like when you have to copy what he is doing in a mirror. We both got frustrated with that, but I listened again and changed my position to the one he wanted and we went ahead with the evaluation.

  2. You should focus on staying within the lines of the program or a red box will appear on the left and it will tell you what you are doing wrongly. It would probably be better to appear in the center of the screen so you do not have to be looking around the screen when you are concentrating on a particular exercise.

  3. For those who want to strengthen themselves with the program, it could be good to invest in dumbbells. Fortunately, I already had dumbbells at home, but others might find a warning useful.

In general terms, it was a great experience and I would recommend this training to any of my clients!

By Marc Montemerlo

Legal notice: I received an Xbox 360 4GM courtesy console with Kinect and a copy of Nike + Kinect Training.

Video Tutorial: Nike Plus Kinect Training REVIEW + GAMEPLAY.

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