Nike + Kinect Review: Patrick Goudeau

Nike + Kinect Review: Patrick Goudeau

When I was asked to write a review of the new Nike + Kinect Training, I was super excited by I started and could not wait to set up the system, which was my first hurdle. I was not sure if the amount of space I had at home would be enough. And after diligently investigating, I realized that it was not. So I asked a friend if she could use the space in her studio, which turned out to be ideal for this particular scenario.

The configuration was actually MUCH easier than I had anticipated (considering that I do not know much about cables or electronics). When finished with the configuration, it was time to start. From the beginning, the graphics impressed me. My eyes reflected how stunned I was with this technology.

I chose Alex as my virtual trainer and the first thing he made me do was a task. I kept thinking, how hard can it be? I told Alex that my goal was to PUT ME ESBELTO because I figured it would be a bodyweight workout combined with cardio. I found that the task was careful and really interesting. I was not bored although I was anxious to get moving. The exercise of knees to the chest was intense! And I understood immediately that if the knees do not reach high enough Alex does not give you credits.

I finished the task, I chose a short exercise of 10 minutes. Sure, I could have chosen a longer exercise, but I was already sweating all over the floor! The exercise was intense and the movements were familiar, so I found it interesting.


The technology of this game alone will keep you interested, even if the exercises themselves do not! Seeing my own virtual "avatar" appear on the screen was pretty AMAZING. And as the competitive person that I am, I found myself trying to imitate or keep up with Alex as best I can.

I did not find it at all annoying and I even spoke to him at times, as if he were there so that I could shout back to him. It really is like having your own personal trainer in your house. So if you're looking for a little extra motivation, you hate gyms or do not have the funds to hire your own personal trainer, I highly recommend Nike + Kinect Training.


I'm a big boy so space was a problem for me. After I had completed my homework and my first exercise, I could not imagine doing it in the space of my dining room, on a carpet! I sweat a lot, so I was drenched when I finished.

I was frustrated with the hand and arm navigation options. My right arm was aching just to try to discover the right angle, the right choice and to make the sweep! Maybe it was because I am a new player and I will improve with time and practice.

There were times when Alex wanted me to stand on the target and it seemed that the more I tried and moved, it just made it worse!

Also, at one point in the assignment, I missed the exercise that Alex asked me to do completely. It bothered me that I could not go back and ask him to do the movement again. So I simply invented something to keep me moving, which is probably what lowered my exercise and track score!

In general, this game is a winner and I will do it again!

- by Patrick Goudeau

Clarification: Reviewers received a free Xbox 360 4GM console with Kinect and a copy of Nike + Kinect Training.

Video Tutorial: Nike + Kinect Training Demo.

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