Review Of Nike + Kinect: Ramona Braganza

Review Of Nike + Kinect: Ramona Braganza

Knowing the power behind the name Nike + Kinect Training, I felt immediately stimulated and challenged. My ideas were strengthened as soon as I put the record and Alex and Marie, the virtual coaches, outlined the details of the program. As they explained, they reassured me that the initial evaluation and the subsequent evaluation were based on the fundamentals of sports science, which coincides with my own philosophy.

With seven ranges of movement, including analysis of shoulder mobility, active leg elevation and rotational stability, as well as six physical fitness challenges, such as balancing on one leg and with a stick, squats ( squats) of simple time and skills raising the knees, I knew that my physical and athletic state qualifications would be an accurate measure of my strengths and the areas I had to improve.

The best part is that I had options. Not only could I choose who I wanted as my virtual trainer (I liked Marie's voice so I chose her) but I could choose if I wanted to concentrate on strengthening, toning or losing weight and how many days per week I wanted to train. And I can change my mind at any time. There are options within the options to renew things and motivate you (which is very good) all based on my profile and personal evaluation.

Marie had me watch her before doing the exercise to understand the correct way, something I insist on with my clients. After that, there is an option to practice the exercise and make sure you have understood it before starting your repetitions. I could see how useful it is, especially for exercises where you can not be looking at the screen.

The evaluation made a friend who was testing me with reality. She believed that she was in a much better state than she actually was, which motivated her to get in shape. Throughout the evaluation, even if you are not excellent at a particular exercise or can not complete it, the message is always favorable. The virtual trainer encourages you with phrases like: "I see that this is causing you problems" or "For now I have enough information". The conclusion is that you are where you are and that this is not a reason to stop you, but actually a starting point.

Technology is up to the necessary. He knows how to encourage you to "raise your knees more," "keep your heels on the floor" or "keep your chest up." The emphasis is on getting the optimal training with the correct form instead of just going through the exercises or trying to cheat the system (what you can not really do). It is good to take responsibility in addition to strengthening yourself and getting fit without hurting yourself, which is the main objective, right?. It really is like having an elite personal trainer live with you in the room.

After selecting your goal and doing the evaluation, you must choose the training days. The training matrix they select for you adapts to your progress and remains renewed and demanding, working on your strengths and weaknesses. The adaptation is made in the form of time increases, changes in speed, repetition increases, adjustment of the types of exercises and decrease in rest time. I really enjoyed the fact that it was not always making an established amount. Sometimes you just reach the limit. And your "coach" tells you when you have achieved your personal best: Yes!.

The exercises are also creative. They do not look like training movements but they are. I did squats, I jumped and I moved to pass through virtual doors without crashing against the wall: Fun!

It's quite fun to look at your history and see where you qualified before and how you have improved on elements such as strength, flexibility, strength, reaction speed, stability, balance and power; not only yourself, but also within your age range or your community. I also think it's a nice touch to receive an encouraging message from real Nike athletes.

And the options continue. I was able to select the music I wanted to train with on Xbox Music. I was also able to use my Nike Fuel Band (an easy and practical way to incorporate Nike products). Applications help you by sending challenge reminders and recording your progress.

Xbox LIVE allows you to challenge your friends, other athletes or team up. I could see how I classified not only against myself, my age group and my gender, but also against all Kinect fans. You connect as you want.

I was also able to choose a five-minute workout for when I did not have time or wanted to add something more after riding a bike or going for a run. As I went through the menu I could see that there were more options. It really has no limits.


Everything is a matter of truth and form. Doing it correctly is more important than trying to cheat the system. The counter only records the repetitions you do well. The message on the screen, the color graphics and the command voice will guide you to change your position or speed, to "keep your back straight" or "go further down" and then let you know when you have corrected it in a way constructive

Offers true responsibility and assistance in doing things right. The options and choices are impressive. Add days when you feel good, do a quick workout when you do not have time or after running out or changing coaches or goals gives you control over how to become fit and athletic.

The program is inspiring and creative, it gives you the exercises that you can master and with which you will be more comfortable; right in your own house.You do the same as real athletes and have activities that will also make you and your friends laugh.


There was a small technical problem in which the tracker did not recognize that she was sitting on the floor to make some spirals sitting. I waved to the monitor, I stopped and sat down again. He repeated the message "sit on the floor" a few times, but then, he could detect me again. Actually it was a somewhat fun and deceptive way of forcing me to do some more squats.

At one point Alex told me that I was close to achieving my personal best after doing just one repetition (it was not really an erroneous statement since I could have achieved it over time, but it seemed a little out of place).

But, in general, the disadvantages are minuscule.

Video Tutorial: Nike + Kinect Training Demo.

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