Safety Equipment For Running At Night

Safety Equipment For Running At Night

To combat the heat, we often go running around the morning early or late in the afternoon. But before you start recording miles at sunrise and / or at dusk, you need to light up a bit first: high visibility and reflective clothing is absolutely necessary to keep you safe (and seen) on the road. And while the pink card, yellow highlighter and orange blush may not be our favorite colors in the world, we believe there are some nice, safe options out there these days. These are some of the freshest and brightest garments we can find. (Women's clothing appears in the first place, men's clothing begins in the middle of the page.)


1. Reflectivity

Keep your upper half in view with the help of the Brooks Nightlife Equilibrium SS shirt. The lightweight, fitted, soft t-shirt is available in two fun, but strong colors (green and yellow / black) and offers 360 degrees of reflectivity, so you can see it from all angles, at all times. Mesh has also been strategically placed (under the arms and along the back) for additional ventilation and flat seams to prevent chafing. It is also available for men. $ 40, brooksrunning. com


2. Headwear

If you want to see in the dark, just put a flashlight on top. The New Balance Tri-Viz cap has L-shaped LEDs under the wing that shine on three levels (low, medium and high), plus a strong pink fringe difficult to miss. This light, which is formed by hat-shaped mesh, evaporates sweat quickly, keeping the head comfortable day and night. It is also available for men. $ 30, newbalance. com

New Balance Tri-Viz Cap

3. Linda in pink

The Ethereal Saucony Vest is perfect for dark and slightly cold days when you want an extra layer (and a splash of color) in your career. Available in ViziPro in pink or orange, this shiny fabric vest has been shown to stay safe and visible in the dark. It is resistant to wind and water, has a rechargeable USB LED light in the lower right and has touches of reflectivity all around. It also has two front pockets with zipper. Also available for men (Epic Run vest). $ 80, saucony. com.


4. Black shorts

With flat stitching along the front and back and reflective, the Asics Lite-Show 5 "shorts allows the lower body to be illuminated.The breathable, quick drying pair has a small key pocket in its lightweight lining, also available for men $ 42,


5. Star Wrapper

Create a circle of light around your waist when you slip into the Amphipod's 360-degree Full -Viz Reflective Belt.This elastic, bright yellow accessory contains a 4, 5 x 2 inch pocket, which is perfect for hiding your MP3 player, keys and ID. One size. $ 20, rei. com.



1. Soft Yellow

With a high-visibility color and reflective detailing around your torso, the Nike Sphere Running Shirt will help keep you lit at the top. It is incredibly light, absorbs moisture quickly, has breathable mesh placed where you need it most and has flat, anti-friction seams. $ 42, store. nike. com.


2. Security patrol

The adidas adiViz jacket keeps you warm, bright and protected from the weather on the road. It is resistant to wind and water, quick drying, notched and so fluorescent that it practically shines in the dark. The vest also features reflective piping and two zippered front pockets to help hide your little things. $ 65, adidas. com.


3. Nightlight

Keep your eyes focused on the road ahead with the help of the Princeton Tec's Byte headlight. It provides the benefits of both ultra-bright LED light and a softer red LED to improve your vision in the dark, but all that power is packed into a very small product (only 64 grams), so it will not weigh you down while running. The Byte works with a battery charge and comes in fun colors. It is one size. $ 20, princetontec. com.

Princeton Tec

4. Resplendent Bands

Do not let the darkness catch you again. The vest of L. E. D. Nathan Photon provides up to 1,200 feet of visibility. It has two strips of L. E. D. removable (with three different light settings) on its front panels, junction points where you can place additional lights of L E. D. and 360 degrees of reflectivity. The breathable and light mesh vest also includes a zippered front pocket and a hidden key pocket. One size. $ 35, nathansports. com.


Video Tutorial: Nathan Presents: Night Running Safety Tips.

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