Similarities Between Soccer And Field Hockey

Similarities Between Soccer And Field Hockey

Many sports are similar, branching from a common source. Although soccer and field hockey do not seem to have developed from the same root, there are more than a few points in common between the two. Both have the same objective (scoring more than the opposing team) and fundamental similarities in the structure of the field and the team, although the equipment and playing time in each game is different.

Field structure

The field in each sport is often referred to as the "court". A field hockey field is 100 for 55 or 60 yards, while soccer fields must have at least 100 for 50 yards, but can reach a maximum of 130 for 100 yards. Both sports have two arcs, one on each end of the field, but the field hockey arcs are smaller in comparison. A semicircle marks the ground in front of the field hockey goal. The soccer arcs are surrounded by rectangles, the areas of six and 18 yards, respectively. Soccer and field hockey fields are marked with a 50-yard line or middle line; The hockey field also scores the 25 yards of the field from each baseline.

Team structure

In each sport you will find 11 players per side (10 field players and one goalkeeper or goalkeeper). Soccer and field hockey are fluid sports in which players run over all areas of the field to score and defend the goal. There are specific defense and attack players in both sports, as well as center players, or midfielders. Although technically they can move anywhere in the field, defenders or defenders play mainly in defense while offensive or forward players seek to score. The goalkeepers usually remain around the goal. However, in soccer the goalkeeper may use his hands anywhere in the 18-yard area, but he must use his feet if he goes outside that area.


Compared to football, field hockey requires more equipment. Each player carries a club with a flat side and a rounded one; Players can only touch the ball with the flat part. Field hockey balls are small and hard, consisting of solid plastic. Field players should wear mouth guards and shin guards for protection, while goalkeepers should wear goalie shields that include shin guards and chest protectors, face shields, throat protectors and other optional protections. In football, everyone in the field, including the goalkeeper, must wear shin guards. Goalkeepers also wear gloves and long-sleeved shirts with minimal padding on the arms.The soccer balls are bigger and full of air.

Play time

Soccer and field hockey are divided into two halves of play; the halves of professional football are 45 minutes while the halves of professional field hockey are 35 minutes. If the score is tied at the end of the regulation game, the soccer and field hockey teams receive two additional periods in which to score. In field hockey, the number of players in the field is reduced and the first team to score wins. In football, the number of players is still the same, and it is commonly played all the time allowed. If the game is still tied in either of the two sports, the game goes to "penalty" game in which the team selects five players to finish (on a hand-to-hand opportunity) the goalkeeper.

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