Sports That Use A Bat

Sports That Use A Bat

The art of hitting a moving ball with a bat is common in many sports. Although baseball and softball are the most common among these sports in the United States, there are other popular varieties in other countries, such as cricket and rounders. A bat can have very different uses depending on what sport you are playing.


In the United States, baseball is the sport in which most people think when asked about sports in which a bat is used. In baseball, a player uses a bat to hit a ball that is thrown with the hand. Baseball bats are made of a solid type of wood or aluminum. The wooden ones are normally used professionally, while the aluminum ones, which weigh less and can make the ball go further, are used at beginner and university levels. Depending on the player's height and weight, a baseball bat can measure from 29 to 34 inches (73, 6 to 86, 3 cm) and can weigh from 14 to 31 oz (396 to 878 gr) or more.


Softball is a game similar to baseball, but the biggest difference between them is the size of the ball and the throwing of it. At first glance, a softball bat looks like a baseball bat, but softball bat is smaller in diameter than baseball, since the ball travels slower in softball. Softball bats are longer and lighter than baseball bats.


Cricket is a popular game in Europe, Asia and Australia. In cricket, the batter stands in the middle of an oval field and uses the bat to hit a ball thrown by the pitcher. A cricket bat is made of wood and has a blade at one end, instead of a cylinder. The blade is smooth on one side and has roughness on the other. The batter hits the ball with the smooth side of the blade. A cricket bat weighs about 3 lbs (1.35 kg) and measures approximately 38 inches (96.5 cm) long.


Rounders is a game that originated in England. In this game, the batter hits the ball with a bat and runs towards the goalposts, which are like baseball bases. A rounders bat is much smaller and lighter than a baseball bat and players hold it with one hand. The rounders player must hold the bat while running around the posts.


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