Stomach Pain After Practicing Yoga

Stomach Pain After Practicing Yoga

Depending on the intensity level of your yoga session and for a variety of reasons, stomachaches may occur in different areas of the abdomen. It is very likely that what you were doing before the practice is the cause of the discomfort, and not the yoga postures you performed. In fact, there are certain postures, such as torsions and forward bends, that can positively influence your digestive system and the process of releasing toxins.

Causes of stomach pain

Bettermedicine. com explains that stomach pains do not always originate in the stomach, although they often begin in the digestive tract. Certain diets, infections and inflammation of the stomach cavity often trigger episodes of gas, cramps and distension. If your stomach pain occurs along with other symptoms such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea or nausea, it is likely that your digestive system is the culprit of everything.

Food and Exercise

Diet is often what causes stomach upset. There are several factors related to diet that contribute to pain and discomfort, such as eating something for the first time or eating foods that are very acidic or high in sodium. Eating too close to exercise time also causes stomach pains or cramps. If you take a large meal, it is best to wait several hours before lying on your yoga mat. Even if you have just eaten a small snack, it is wise to wait an hour before starting to exercise. On the other hand, drinking water - too much or enough - immediately after doing yoga, also comes to trigger pain and discomfort. Take small sips an hour after the practice is over, to make sure your body has had time to recover from the exertion.

Yoga postures and digestion

Yogajournal. com states that torsional postures improve digestion and stimulate the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins. The forward flexion also promotes good digestion and promotes evacuation. Although normally, these postures stimulate your system in a positive way, the benefits can be extreme for the current state of your body. Use the technique of trial and error to limit the turns and pressures forward in your practice, to see if you notice a difference. If so, focus on practicing simpler versions of the postures you practiced before and little by little, go modifying your routine as time goes by.


It is only possible to prevent stomach pain by determining the cause. Continue the trial and error method to find out what is causing the discomfort.Avoid eating too much before practicing and pay special attention to the foods you are consuming, since too diverse a mixture can also cause an upset stomach. If you are experiencing other symptoms together with the pain, visit your doctor to rule out the existence of serious digestive problems.

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