Symptoms Of A Torn Tendon In The Big Toe

Symptoms Of A Torn Tendon In The Big Toe

The torn tendons of the big toe can be the result of an injured finger, that is, bend the big toe up excessively. It can also be the result of a blow to the finger, a sprain or occur together with a fracture. Having broken tendons in the big toe is painful and can present many symptoms. Contact your doctor if you present constant pain in the finger or foot.


Perhaps swelling in the big toe, as well as in the metatarsal bone, the long bone that connects your fingers. The swelling can be light or severe depending on the degree of damage to your tendons. Treat it by applying ice to the lesion for 20 minutes, three or four times a day. Anti-inflammatory medications also help.


You may feel pain in the first metatarsal phalangeal joint, as well as in the big toe and your first metatarsal bone. It is likely that the pain occurs under the foot and sits down while holding weight. The pain can move to other parts of the foot. You can relieve it with an anti-inflammatory drug, by placing ice on the affected finger and by not standing on the affected foot.

Decreased range of motion

Pain and swelling in the big toe joint can limit your range of motion. It may be difficult for you to bend or stretch your finger towards your body. The range of motion will increase as the pain and swelling subside. A doctor can prescribe physical therapy to help increase range of motion while recovering from a tendon injury. Exercises may include walking with the fingers, writing the alphabet with the big toe, or pointing objects using the toes.

Difficulty walking

Pain, swelling, and limited range of motion can make it difficult to support your weight. The joint of the big toe is the one that supports the weight in your body that flexes and bends when you move. If you have a severely damaged tendon, walking can be very painful. Maybe you walk with difficulty or you can not put weight at all on the foot. If this is the case, the doctor can immobilize the foot and prescribe the use of crutches or other assistance equipment to walk and promote the healing of the toe joint.

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