The Best 8 Body Weight Exercises

The Best 8 Body Weight Exercises

Do not be foolish to think that Bodyweight exercises are limited to push-ups and squats. In fact, some of the most effective bodyweight exercises are those that activate more than one muscle group. Keep your heart rate high by doing 8 to 10 high intensity exercises at least twice a week.


Squats work the buttocks, the hamstrings and the quadriceps. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, learning how to perform a correct squat will help safeguard your knees during the normal activities of daily life. As you do squats, you push your hips back and keep your weight on your heels.


The lexions are mainly focused on the chest, but also target the frontal deltoids and triceps. They help sculpt the arms to be lean and strong. You need to keep your core, abs and glutes tight to correctly execute a flex. If you are a beginner, start on your knees. As you move forward, try to raise your feet on a chair or table.


Pullups above the head work the muscles of the back, but the biceps are the secondary muscles that help you pull your body up. Pullups under the head, sometimes called chinups, put more emphasis on the biceps muscle. If you are a beginner, keep yourself with one leg in a chair, and try to use as much force as possible to get up.


Strides work the hamstrings and glutes. Try walking strides, really stretches your step more than taking small steps. For more intense training, try your strides on up hills or stairs. For a change, try striding in reverse, exaggerating the elevation of the back leg, as you stand up again, which will focus on several of the glutes.


Abdominal exercises that involve lifting the legs are ideal for your external abdominal muscles, but also for deep core muscles. If you are a beginner, start sitting with your hands on the floor behind your support, then put your legs up. For advanced practitioners, do not let your hands touch the ground.

Pike Pushups

Pike pushups work the shoulders instead of the chest. Place your feet on a raised object and bend your waist so that your hips are in the air, almost directly above your shoulders. Try to bend the elbows and touch the top of the head to the ground. For advanced practitioners, try push-ups standing hands against the wall.


The Burpees are a total body exercise of greater intensity designed to bring your heart rate.Start in ironing position, jump your feet between your hands in a squat position and then stand up. Lower your back down and jump your feet back to the ironing position. As a progression, add a jump and an iron for movement.


Plyometrics are repetitive jumping exercises involving all the muscles of the lower body, as well as the nucleus. They involve power, speed and strength, which help burn calories and provide functional training. Try consecutive jumps and squat jumps to start. Next, move to lateral jumps, folded jumps and jumps with only one leg.

Video Tutorial: 8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!).

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