The Best Foods To Rehydrate

The Best Foods To Rehydrate

Rehydration is restoring fluid to something who is dehydrated, according to Medline Plus. Rehydration occurs with the use of water and fluids, these being the effective and preferred forms. However, do not forget to use foods for rehydration because many contain water. The incorporation of food and liquids improves the symptoms of dehydration, such as fatigue, headaches and muscle aches. The best foods to rehydrate are those that contain more water.


Vegetables contain water, which makes them a good choice to rehydrate. Cucumbers have 97% water, lettuce and zucchini 95% and aubergine 92%. The high water content of vegetables not only provides hydration, it also stimulates satiety with fewer calories, according to Barbara Rolls, a researcher in a 1999 study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition."


Consuming foods to rehydrate provides the water and nutrients needed to restore fluid balance. The fruits with the highest water content include tomato (95%), watermelon (92%), grapefruit (91%), peaches (85%) and apples (84%). The consumption of fruit also helps to comply with the recommendations of daily intake of fiber and nutrients.


Soups are an excellent option to rehydrate due to the water and sodium content. Water makes up the majority of soups based on broth. Cream soups do not provide as much water and have a higher fat and calorie content. Soup is recommended for post-exercise rehydration of athletes that sodium from broth-based soups is effective in retaining and restoring body water, according to a 1998 study in "Journal of Physiology."

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