The Best Dumbbell Program For Weight Loss

The Best Dumbbell Program For Weight Loss

Traditionally, bodybuilders have used a large volume, repetition and intensity in weight training to reduce body fat and maintain muscle. Although this technique works, it can take a long time and cause a reload in training. Either way, you can take into account some of the same principles and use them to create a weight-lifting program to make a weight program that best suits your needs.


Supersets consist of performing a series of one exercise focused on a certain muscle group and then immediately performing another exercise for an opposite or different muscle group. This increases the intensity of your training routine by eliminating rest periods and allowing you to train more muscle groups in a shorter amount of time. For example, you may first perform a chest exercise such as the press on the bench, then do a superset with a back exercise such as bar pullups. Exercises for the upper and lower body can also be used in supersets.

Compound exercises

Compound exercises are movements that involve more than one muscle group. Exercises such as squats, lifting weights, lifting bars, presses, lizards and bar pullups are examples of compound exercises. Since compound exercises require more muscle groups to execute movement, they burn more calories. The fact that you have to use more muscles to stabilize the weight means that you press and develop more muscles, which results in more burning of calories and fat.


Volume and exercise series in your routine do not have to be as high as those of an average bodybuilder, a pre-competition program of four to five sets of eight to 12 exercises. By using more compound exercises and keeping rest time in a minute between supersets, you can reduce the number of sets and exercises to three or four sets per exercise, and keep the number of sets and exercises below ten. Also, because compound movements increase intensity, you do not need to have weight training every day. Three or four times a week will give you results in weight loss without the effects of training too much.

Sample routine to lose weight

Start your weight training with a warm-up that lasts at least five minutes. Complete four supersets. In the first exercise of each complete superset of ten to twelve repetitions, in the second exercise complete as many repetitions as possible. The order of the exercise could look something like this: squats with a bar, dominated; lifting weights, lizards; lifting of bar and press, abdominal with weight; biceps curls, triceps funds.As an extra, if there is an area in which you are particularly weak, you can add one or two isolated exercises at the end to complete three to four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

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