The Best Running Shoes For High Archs

The Best Running Shoes For High Archs

High arches are usually an indication of a supinated foot, or tilt it out when running. This condition can cause a series of harmful side effects, including leg cramps, ankle strain, fractures in the tibia, plantar fasciitis or rupture of the ligament. You must find the right shoes for the high arches to avoid discomfort and maximize your performance potential. Of course, if you still feel discomfort or pain, consult your doctor.

Identify your arc

A walk-up analysis at a shoe store or a visit to your podiatrist can help diagnose a high arch and if you need a certain type of footwear. If you do not have access to any of them, you can examine yourself. When leaving the shower or bathtub, take a look at your footprint. A narrow and curved impression with only a thin strip connecting the ball and the heel of the foot indicates a high arc and possibly an indication of supination.

Damper better

Shoe with a lot of cushioning usually has little support in the arch, something a high arch foot does not need. The high foot arches usually provide little shock absorption, so the foot will appreciate the additional padding.

Shape of the shoe

The latest is the model on which the shoe is molded and also refers to the shape of the shoe. Look for some tennis that has a curve. This structure benefits the foot so that it has a more neutral movement. A flexible shoe can be other good characteristics since they make the shoe have cushioning. The flexibility in the shoe is when the upper part is sewn in a sock and fixed to the sole without any barrier between them.

How to buy

Try your shoes at the end of the day, as the foot swells and you have the best option to run. If you buy the recommended shoes and you still have problems that arise from supination, better visit an orthopedist. You can buy the shoes outside the store, possibly this is enough. However, some people need braces specially designed and molded by a podiatrist.

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