The Best Time To Exercise And Lose Weight

The Best Time To Exercise And Lose Weight

The best time to exercise for the purpose of losing weight is the one that suits you. It is important to establish a routine to organize yourself, stay relaxed and do it responsibly. Routines are indispensable to achieve change. The more you exercise, the better you feel and burn more calories. Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight.


Exercise to lose weight can be done at any time of the day. Some people prefer to do it in the morning, before any other activity. Others walk at lunchtime or in the afternoon. Others exercise at the gym after work or participate in amateur sports at night. The meal times are the most important to schedule your exercise routine. What you eat and when you eat it will influence your performance.

Theories / speculation

Morning exercise puts the heart and muscles to work early, which can help you feel better throughout the day. It is also a more consistent time, if it is the first thing you do every day. Although there is not enough scientific evidence, it seems that in the morning training more calories are burned.


Exercising after school or work has some advantages. You can relax after the accumulated tensions, and it's also easy to schedule, as part of your daily routine, after work or school. If you are constant, you will lose more weight. Exercising at this time has some disadvantages; If you leave work late and exercise near bedtime, it will take you longer to fall asleep. Changing exercise for hours of sleep is not beneficial, and you will not lose weight.

Expert point of view

If you feel better while exercising in the middle of the day, this time is good for losing weight, because your body is more alert. The Institute of Research for Sport and Exercise, at John Moores University in Liverpool, England, conducted a study to determine what is the best time of day to exercise. The study involved football and soccer players, who do cardiovascular exercise for several hours on the court. They determined that the highest aerobic capacity and the best reaction time were between 4 in the afternoon and 8 at night.


Do you remember your mom's rule about not swimming after eating? This is because the body's blood is concentrated in the digestive system, although the muscle needs it to exercise. Maybe I was wrong thinking that your arms would not respond. However, he was right about the competition between stomach and muscles.Gerald Endress, an exercise physiologist and director of the Duke Center for Diet and Exercise, says the body delivers more blood to help digestion, but not the muscles to keep it functioning. The biggest risk you run when swimming immediately after eating is having a slight cramp.

If you have a chronic illness or malaise, the National Institute for Diabetes and Kidney Diseases recommends consulting your doctor to determine the best time of day to exercise. This is because at certain times of the day accumulate in the blood substances called ketones, which influence blood glucose. If you exercise when these substances are at a low level, you can get sick.

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