The Best Ways To Build Muscle In The Biceps

The Best Ways To Build Muscle In The Biceps

When you think of strength, the image of A bodybuilder showing his biceps could come to mind. Like any other muscle group, the exceptional development of the biceps is the result of hard work and dedication. However, some tricks can help you build biceps with an impressive size at a faster pace.

Hypercaloric Diet

If the development of the biceps has been disappointing, you may not be eating enough. Like all muscle groups, biceps require an excess of calories to grow bigger and stronger. To create impressive arms quickly, you must be willing to gain weight in general. Add at least 500 calories of protein and complex carbohydrates in your daily diet and you should be rewarded with a burst of growth in your biceps.

Hammer flex

Many athletes flex after flexion with few results. The reason is that they neglect an important muscle. The biceps is divided into two muscles. The biceps brachii is the largest biceps muscle, which can be trained by standard push-ups. Brachailis is a muscle along the outside of the biceps brachii. The brachailis is the target of the hammer push-ups, which are performed with in-grip weights. This position is taken to the dumbbell like a hammer. The rapid formation of the brachailis adds size and fullness to the entire upper arm.

The 21

The 21 is an old-school bicep exercise performed with a bar. To execute a set of 21 of, start by doing seven partial bicep curls, moving the elbow from 180 degrees to 90. Without resting, perform seven more partial bicep curls, moving the elbow 90 degrees to 0 or until the elbow is bent. Finally, perform seven complete push-ups. The 21 is a demanding exercise that can help accelerate biceps growth.

Zottman Pushups

Zottman pushups look curious, but they are an effective exercise for building large biceps. This exercise works both the brachial biceps and the brachailis with the same movement. Begin the exercise standing up, with a dumbbell in each hand. Lift both weights up. Before lowering the weights, twist the hands to a palms position downwards. Now lower the weights. The Zottman push-ups are a fast way to achieve the complete development of the biceps in a minimum time.

Video Tutorial: Do This One Exercise To Get Massive Biceps.

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