The Suma Zero Game

The Suma Zero Game

During the holidays, with all the parties, cakes, dinners, desserts and coffee items, your clothes can gradually get tighter. Before the clock strikes 12 o'clock on the night of December 31, you will have to establish your weight control and improved exercise issues.

"For most people, self-care is left out with the issue of the holidays," says Minh-Hai Tran, a registered dietitian in Seattle, Washington. "Unfortunately, the decline in self-care accompanies the increase in Stress and anxiety around this time of year, setting the stage for an unwanted weight gain. "

What would happen if you could eat your holiday cake and keep fit? Tran and other experts say that you can (if you really want to move more and change your eating habits towards the healthier side of the vacation).

Preventing weight gain during vacations requires practicing healthy and assertive limits, especially if you have friends, family or co-workers who like to offer you food.

Minh-Hai Tran, registered dietitian

Calories in, calories out

Although it is not necessary to be like a human calculator on vacation, trying to balance energy intake with spending can be useful.

A traditional holiday meal (with appetizers, drinks, salads and a main course and dessert) offers from 3000 to 4500 calories. A 160-pound adult burns this amount through 5, 5 to 8, 5 hours of high impact aerobics. A one-hour walk burns around 400 to 650 calories, exceeding calories in a large portion of apple pie covered with whipped cream, or 3 ounces of honey jelly with an accompaniment of mashed potatoes.

"From the point of view to burn calories, ski, cycle, run or jump rope are great exercises, and no company is required," says Tina Marinaccio, a registered dietitian and personal trainer in Morristown, New Sweater.

"Your best exercise options are the ones you enjoy the most," he said, "because regularity is easier." If you do not like the gym, go dancing, walk with your dog, play with the children or clean the house with happy music, dressed in exercise clothes. Being active all the time is what matters most and leads to long-term wellbeing and weight control.

The right party

If the sight and aroma of tasty foods sends you the signal of appetite, a modest snack before breakfast may be your best ammo. In an investigation that appeared in January 2013, in the magazine "Food Quality and Preference", 104 people consumed a small or large portion of chocolate, chips or apple pie 15 minutes before lunch.Participants who ate small snacks experienced an appetite and significantly reduced calorie intake during the meal. Those who ate large appetizers did not.

If wine and spirits are an obligation, a modest amount is not bad.

"The effects of alcohol remind me of Jekyll and Hyde," says Tran. "A little bit can be beneficial for those who are not addicted but too much is incredibly dangerous. The tendency to alcohol to decrease inhibitions to foods along with blood sugar levels triggers the increase in hunger and the likelihood of eating high-quality foods of poor quality. "

Marinaccio recommends emphasizing foods rich in fiber (and water) such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, which promote satiety. Water and fiber add volume but not calories, allowing you to satisfy yourself with more volume of food and fewer calories. Particularly satisfying options include raspberries, cooked green leafy vegetables, artichokes, quinoa, popcorn, winter squash and common squash. Fruits, sweet potatoes and other naturally sweet foods can help you with desiring cravings.

Balancing healthy carbohydrate sources with lean proteins is also important, as Marinaccio says. Instead of loading yourself with fillings, potatoes and raspberries, reserve a place for skinless turkey, grilled fish or skim milk. Sources of unsaturated fats, such as fish, nuts and seeds, are foods that satisfy more and generally provide fewer calories per serving compared to saturated products such as sauces, cakes, ice cream and confectionery.

Set limits

6 ways to carry on a healthy party without gaining weight

Arriving at parties with strategies can help your calories and weight be controlled while making sure a moment to enjoy and under stress.

  1. Establish measurable objectives. "It's easy to get caught up in the moment and lose track of what we're doing," says Dr. Wendie Trubow, an obstetrician / gynecologist in Wellesley, Massachusetts. "Saying 'I'm going to eat less candy this year' is not specific enough to know if we're going to meet that goal." Instead, meet a portion of dessert or cover half of your portion with vegetables.
  2. Write it down. Recording your goals and your food intake can increase your chances of success. "Writing down the objectives is easy to remember and then look back to review progress," says Trubow. "Even publicizing the propensity to eat in a way that is inconsistent with your goals can be a breakthrough during the holidays."
  3. Take a healthy plate. Arriving with a fruit salad, a tray of vegetables or a whole, low-sugar dessert ensures you'll have something to enjoy.You can also alleviate the experiences of others, relying on the fact that you are not the only one trying to strive for a healthy vacation.
  4. Eat beforehand. Eating something before a party, particularly if you are stressed or over the control of the portion or the food options, transports the focus to the event and the people. You can save room for a dessert of modest size.
  5. Know yourself. Different strategies work for different people. "If you can eat in public and maintain feasible intake limits, then there's no problem," says Truboy. "If you are sensitive to the behaviors of others, then it may be useful to determine in advance what your goals are."
  6. Give yourself some space. An occasional abuse will not harm you, but punishing you for that or meeting your goals is possible. "Maybe your Aunt Flo makes a deadly nut cake. I know mine is better! "Says registered dietitian and personal trainer, Tina Marinaccio. "Leave portions of food that have a special meaning for you and your experience at the party, then return to the road."

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