Think Healthy And Positively

Think Healthy And Positively

After that a routine visit to the doctor reveals risky hypertension, you decide to take your health seriously. You plan to eat more vegetables, reduce the amount of fast food and visit the gym more often. But why not start with that bottle of multivitamins that increase the metabolism in your kitchen cupboard?

Instead of drinking coffee or orange juice the next morning, you swallow your vitamin with a glass of water. Miraculously, your mood rises and your tennis seems more tempting. Maybe there is something in those vitamins after all. Or was it simply your mind?

The placebo effect of supplements is important, as it increases self-esteem, courage and the idea that the person can achieve a task that they would not otherwise attempt.

Margery Segal, clinical psychologist

The power of placebo

Although taking multivitamins or supplements may not provide any tangible benefits, making a conscious decision to incorporate them into your routine can help you establish the right path to physical well-being and mental.

"The placebo effect of supplements is important, as it increases self-esteem, courage and the idea that the person can achieve a task that they would not otherwise try," says Margery Segal, a licensed clinical psychologist.

If you think you've been cursed with a slow metabolism, for example, and they tell you that a placebo pill will revolutionize your metabolism, you'll be better able to choose healthier foods. The same can be true with exercise. If you think you lack energy, it is more likely to be diluted halfway with your training.

Although research on the efficacy of placebos in changes in diet and fitness is limited, numerous studies point to the positive effects.

In a study published in "Perspectives of Biological Medicine" in October 2010, the researchers compared traditional Chinese acupuncture and "false" acupuncture, in which superficial needles were inserted into non-perforated points. Little difference was detected between the efficacy of authentic acupuncture and simulated acupuncture. In one of the tests, for example, 100 patients with chronic back pain received acupuncture treatments regularly for five weeks. Of the patients who received sham acupuncture treatment, 44% responded positively. The success rate for patients who received authentic acupuncture was only slightly higher, at 48%.

If the same thing happens with fitness and well-being, simply believing that a multivitamin dietary supplement or an alternative treatment can increase your energy, metabolism or athletic performance can lead to those results.

"Making a conscious decision to take a daily vitamin is more a reflection of a person's intention than anything else," said Tina Ruggiero, registered dietitian and author of "The best home-made baby food on the planet. "Will this lead to better food choices?" Maybe it's not the same as shopping smartly... or cooking a healthy meal, but if you take a vitamin, it's the first step to adopting other healthy habits., then I would say that the individual has had a good start.

Take dietary supplements with caution, however, as they all have the potential to cause adverse side effects, especially if you take large doses or use supplements that contain stimulants or questionable ingredients.

Reversing the train of negative thinking

The US diet and weight loss industry of more than $ 40 billion may make it hard to believe that the improvements in Lifestyle is possible without a magic pill or a diet plan. Retraining your mind to focus on positive thoughts and beliefs is often vital to meaningful and lasting success.

Hypnosis is one way you could achieve this, according to John McGrail, a licensed therapist. Hypnosis creates a highly suggestible and focused state of mind that is believed to allow direct access to the subconscious - where most of your feelings, habits and behaviors originate. But first you have to wish it, said McGrail.

"Most clients who really want to change and are willing to commit to themselves and do the work do so well," said McGrail. "I've had clients who easily make the emotional and attitude changes they need. in just two sessions, and then they start, and they follow a program that results in the loss of more than 80 pounds.On the contrary, I have had some that simply did not succeed after many more sessions.

During a session, the therapist guides you towards changing behaviors, habits and emotions according to your wishes and needs.If your goal is to eat more healthfully, the therapist may suggest that you feel full faster, start eating nutritious foods, and eat consciously, Savoring each bite If you want to exercise more often, the therapist may suggest that you get excited about the opportunities to exercise and enjoy the sensations that the activity physics provides.

Although the number and duration of sessions vary, hypnosis is generally considered a short-term therapy, while psychotherapy is generally long-term. Hypnosis can also complement other forms of treatment.

The relationship between emotions and well-being

The link between emotions and well-being attracts the proverbial question: "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?"Segal says.

" Meeting and maintaining one's fitness goals can lead to emotional well-being, "Segal said." In addition, emotional well-being can lead to meeting and maintaining one's fitness goals. In both cases, behavior and motivation are very important for the success of welfare goals.

Work and partner stress, anger, boredom, fear, sadness, loneliness, anxiety and fatigue can upset your health and wellness goals, especially if you live with the belief that changing your weight, size of pants or appearance is the key to happiness or the solution to all your problems. An online survey showed that 90% of the 17,000 unsuccessful dieters fall back into less healthy eating patterns due to emotional problems, according to the "Good Housekeeping" article in May 2011. Eating emotionally is a way of "filling in" your true emotions, and therefore not resolving them, says Segal.

If you have learned to use food as a survival mechanism, look for other ways to manage stress and negative emotions, such as psychotherapy, meditation or conflict mediation, instead of "eating" them.

Lethargy, depression and weight gain may also be due to diseases, such as thyroid and clinical depression, so discuss severe symptoms with your doctor and get an annual checkup.

Think in moderation

Tips for thinking in a way

For energy and positive moods, start the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. Tina Ruggiero, registered dietitian and author, recommends green smoothies, muesli or scrambled tofu with peppers and onions.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself leading a healthy lifestyle for which you are making the effort. In many cases, thinking leads to believe and achieve.

Make a list of your favorite healthy foods and physical activities to keep in your refrigerator. Then, stock up on healthy food and commit to at least one new physical activity and write it down on your calendar.

Eat fish at least twice a week. Ruggiero calls the omega-3 fatty acids, which are frequent in fish oil, the "fountain of youth". They also promote positive brain function and protect against depression and fatigue associated with omega-3 deficiency.

Boot fashion books and diet products and other negative influences to the garbage.

Look in the mirror and point out your attributes, stay away from the defects of your subjective perception.

Organize a hobby, a job or a cause that you are passionate about. Doing so can instill a sense of purpose and prevent depression, stress and emotional eating.

Be more tolerant of yourself.Humans are programmed to resist change, says John McGrail, a Los Angeles hypnotherapist. Instead of giving in to feelings of resistance, watch them as a sign that you are on the right path and move on.

Find a guide. Getting help when you need it is a sign of strength.

Recognize your natural proclivity for health and well-being. "You have to know your unhealthy behaviors and habits and know you can undo them," McGrail said. "It's your life, you can live it the way you want."

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