Tips To Start Running In Middle Age

Tips To Start Running In Middle Age

You're never too old to start running. In fact, running is a type of aerobic activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In middle age or at any age for that matter, start slowly, pay attention to your nutrition and hydration, wear the right shoes and be aware of extreme temperatures. If you have a heart disease or other health condition, consult your doctor before starting a regimen to run.

Start slowly

In middle age your body may be more prone to injury, so it's important to pre-warm up with stretching or walk before running. Also, you should not be ashamed to start walking for several days or weeks before running to start your routine of running a short distance. Let your body tell you when you are ready to walk or run 4 miles (6, 4 kilometers) instead of 2 miles (3, 2 kilometers). Also keep in mind that you reduce the risk of injury by allowing rest periods in the middle of your days of heavy exercise. According to the Running Injury Free website, it takes approximately 48 hours for the body to adapt to a heavy application of stress. For example, you can run 3 miles (4, 8 km) in a single day and 1 mile (1, 6 km) the next day, allowing your body to rest, but still giving you a day of exercise.

Nutrition and hydration

Eat a small snack, such as fruit and cookies before running. This gives your body the energy to continue with your exercise. Also, do not forget to drink liquids. You must drink throughout the day and while you are walking or running, especially if you run long distances. Drinking a sports drink during, and after exercise, will provide your body with the necessary electrolytes. The Complete Running Network website recommends eating and drinking within an hour after running to aid in recovery and avoid spicy foods several hours before your exercise.

Good footwear

If you want to run successfully and pain-free, it's essential to have good shoes. By age, the feet may have been exposed to years of abuse, so running comfortably is still a problem. The Complete Running Network website recommends the purchase of running shoes during the afternoon, when the feet are larger. Get shoes at a sports store. A store that sells running shoes can determine your foot type and adapt to a suitable shoe according to your needs.

Extreme temperatures

An older person may be more sensitive to extremely cold or warm temperatures. When running in cold weather, dress in removable layers that provide a space for dry air near the skin.For example, avoid heavy cotton sweat. Do not forget to bring a hat, gloves and warm socks to keep your head, hands and feet warm. If you are running in hot weather, drink plenty of fluids, wear minimal and light clothing that allows you to sweat, and try to run in the morning or at night when it is not so hot. If the temperature is too extreme, run another day.

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