Clothing For Training For Running And Cross-Training

Clothing For Training For Running And Cross-Training

Important fact: if you want to be a good runner, You will have to do more than run. Cross training is the key to staying strong and free of injuries. But instead of just putting on the same fragrant running gear and going directly to the gym, why not make a quick change of clothes? Here are some of our favorite shirts, shorts and shoes that you should wear to dress from head to toe.

For her


Avoid bouncing

Women, meet your new friend for breasts: The Double Dry Champion Sweetheart Compression Sports Bra. This high impact style offers a lot of support for all your favorite activities, like running, spinning, zumba, kickboxing, etc. so you can basically use it every time you go to the gym. It is made with a comfortable material, anti-transpiration, a lining with a breathable mesh and a neckline that saves you from the common uni-boob effect. USD 32, championusa. com.


Sculpt your arms to make them attractive

Show off your strong biceps and triceps in the striped Under Armor Charm Seamless Tank. Not only is it very soft, it has no seams, which means that you will not get abrasions under your arms while you train. This elegant shirt with nylon fabric removes moisture easily and allows a stretch in four ways, which moves with you while you train. USD 32, underarmour.



The Lululemon Boogie Shorts are perfect for some activities such as hot yoga and others that you sweat. Designed with a soft fabric that stretches and absorbs moisture, and smooth seams that prevent chafing, these high performance shorts are comfortable and cute. Your waistline is wide and makes you look thinner, and also has a hidden pocket to keep your key or ID. USD 42, lululemon. com.


Wear long pants if you like

For an elegant option that reaches the bottom of your knees, try the Moving Comfort Urban Gym Capris. With a fit that makes you look thinner, a wide waist line and side-side hems that can be adjusted as much as you can, guarantee you will look good on almost anyone. These capris are soft, absorb moisture and have smooth seams, which prevent abrasions, in addition to a hidden pocket in the line of the waist. USD 60, movingcomfort. com.


Gently ply

Designed specifically for training in circuits and classes that incorporate a variety of movements and activities, the Reebok Crossfit Nano are solid sneakers, for all types of training. They have a slightly cushioned midsole, a low profile exterior and a non-slip carbon rubber thread that makes it easy to move from side to side and from front to back.Its upper mesh that allows ventilation helps you to prevent your feet from overheating. It is also available for men. USD 120, reebok. com.


For him


Bare Arms

Give everyone a lesson in your gym by using your Oakley Chop Chop Tank. This polyester t-shirt, anti-odor and fast absorption, has mesh panels strategically placed on its sides and back that will keep you cool and comfortable even when you're transpiring. In addition, its sleeveless design makes it easier for you to focus on your figure as you lift weight. USD 35, oakley. com.


Active Recovery

Use something useful for you while you train. The Adidas Techfit Fitted Short Sleeve Top is designed with a compression fabric that helps improve circulation and supports your muscles while you train, making it a little easier for you to jump, get up and stretch. It also quickly absorbs perspiration and has soft stitches that help you avoid chafing. USD 25, adidas. com.


Pair down

Shorts are great for running, but when you're in a gym you sometimes want better coverage. The Nike Livestrong Fly Training Shorts hang below your legs without restricting your movements. They are made with a lightweight, quick-absorbing polyester fabric that allows ventilation, and is comfortable for a wide variety of activities. USD 34, store. nike. com.

Champion USA


Stay calm while doing your cardiovascular exercises with the Champion Double Dry Speed ​​Shorts. Made with lightweight woven fabric, these shorts have mesh panels that allow ventilation, in the areas where you need it most, like your back, side and in the crotch. They also include a moisture wicking liner to keep you comfortable no matter what type of exercises you're doing. USD 29, championusa. com.

New Balance

Cheer up

Instead of using your running shoes, which are designed exclusively to move forward, in the gym, use a pair of the New Balance, which are for training. They are lightweight and well padded, and are designed to provide support to your feet while you move from side to side in your boot camp classes, you crawl on the courts playing baseball and even during fast runs on the treadmills. His midsole offers the stability you need for most cross training activities. USD 90, newbalance. com.

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