Aerobic Conditioning Training Methods

Aerobic Conditioning Training Methods

Aerobic exercise can help you Control your weight, reduce the risk of getting sick, strengthen your heart and up your spirits. Participating in regular aerobic exercises also helps you to live longer. To enjoy these benefits, just choose the training method that suits your lifestyle and try to carry it out 30 minutes each day.

Continuous training

Taking a long or short walk or race is considered a continuous training. Also known as distance training, this method involves performing an exercise at the same level of effort for 20 to 60 minutes or more without resting, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Many beginners love this training because it does not require special equipment and can be carried out anywhere. Try walking, running or riding a bicycle.

Interval training

Run fast for three minutes, walk for a minute, then repeat. This is an example of interval training. It involves "Alternating short bursts of intense activity with active recovery" according to ACE. With interval training you can really achieve more than with continuous training. Plan your intervals, or try a less structured method known as fartlek training, in which you establish each interval depending on how you feel. To make a fartlek exercise fun, try to run as fast as you can to the next road and then walk to the corner of the street. Continue changing the reference points, the length and the speed of the intervals until you have covered a set distance or time.

Group classes

Almost any type of exercise can be taught in a group, but the most popular classes include aerobic with bench, kickboxing and zumba. This type of aerobic training has been shown to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, weight management and mood according to ACE. Group classes depend on your honesty about the level of your condition and your effort; what you earn is what will reflect your effort. In the case of aerobics with a bench, start with a 4-inch (10 cm). ACE indicates that the most common bench is 8 inches high (20 cm) but those who have advanced the most with exercise can use up to 10 inches high (25 cm). Zumba and kickboxing can be improved by jumping and increasing your range of motion, but start with low impact exercises and make progress to more advanced moves.

Super Circuit Training

Super Circuit Training combines aerobics with weight lifting in one exercise. Generally, a circuit consists of 10 resistance training stations with exercises for each major muscle group.Perform each exercise for 30 seconds to plus or minus 50 to 60 percent of the maximum weight you can carry. To make a super circuit, do cardio like running or jumping scissors for 30 seconds between each station. A study published in the National Strength Coaches Association Journal found that super-circuit training increases strength by 23 percent, cardiovascular fitness by 17 percent and lean muscle mass by 3 percent. You can also expect a 1 percent drop in your weight and 2 percent in body fat.

Cross training

Many experts recommend using different types of aerobic training methods in your exercise routine. Cross training makes use of multiple exercises and methods to use your muscles in different ways. This helps prevent damage and can keep you motivated by reducing boredom. To participate, just change things. Try running on Monday, swimming on Wednesday and cycling on Friday.

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